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Chapter 14: Brian's version of Moby Dick

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Chapter 14: Brian's version of Moby Dick

written by Rusty

added on: 21 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Just after Katimski's English class, bell rings and students start filling the hallway, Brian and Angela are leaving just behind Rayanne

Rayanne: Krakow, you didn't answer one question the whole time in there. I swear Katmiski was going to ask me to answer of the questions about Moby Dick. I mean you have probably read Moby Dick and I barely know the storyline. Is everything ok?

Brian: Um, Yes. Why wouldn't it be? (holding Angela's right hand while walking into the hallway and towards her locker) (turns to Angela) You have lunch right now right?

Angela: Yes. I just need to make a stop at my locker, give a minute.

Rayanne is walking with them (to Brian): Come on, Krakow. What is going on?

Brian: I have alot on my mind right now. I mean why do you care????

Angela: Brian, are you ok?

Brian: Angela, I am fine. (takes a deep breath) Rayanne, sorry about my outburst again.

Rayanne: Sure Krakow. Whatever.

Rayanne leaves

BrianVO: Yes, I have read Moby Dick but as of today the story has a different meaning. I mean, what if Captain Ahab had actually caught the white whale that he had been chasing since it took his leg? How would he have felt? I know how I feel, like a man who has climbed Mount Everest and got to the top. That's how Angela Chase makes me feel.

Angela: Come on Brian, we got to get to lunch (takes his hand and they go to lunch)

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Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"