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Chapter 15: Brian tells his parents about him and Angela

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Chapter 15: Brian tells his parents about him and Angela

written by Rusty

added on: 21 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Busstop on Brian and Angela's street, view is from the Krakow's house as Brian's parents are watching Brian and Angela holding hands getting off the bus, Angela first and then Brian. Brian then walks Angela to her door and says to her: See you later.

His parents then see Brian walking to their door and try to act busy as Brian comes in the door.

Brian: Mom? Dad? What are you two doing here? You two are never home at this hour? Something happen at home?

Bernice (Brian's Mom): No, no. Your father and I decided to take half a day off since neither of us had an appointment this afternoon.

Bob: Yes, that's right. Brian, were you just walking Angela Chase home?

Brian: Yeah, so, what of it?

Bob: I thought you two weren't talking or something.

Bernice: I think it so cute, I mean you two have been friends forever. Why shouldn't he be walking her to her door?

Bob: I thought you two were just friends, but you and her are both holding hands. What is going on Brian?

Brian: I am just going to say this once and then you two can overanalyze it after I leave the room. I went out with Angela Chase last Friday night, that is why I asked you for your car that night and now we are a couple.

Bob and Bernice stand in their places almost shocked and somewhat relieved to find out that their son is now a normal teenage boy but can't figure out when he came up with the time to date

Bernice: Brian, I am surprised you have time for a girlfriend with all the classes you are taking and trying to get into college.

Brian: I just wanted to do something other teenagers do and other teenagers go on dates and have girlfriends. All those classes take so much out of me, why shouldn't I be able to go out with a girl and have some fun.

Bob: Why Angela Chase? I mean I am sure there are other girls at Liberty that you could go out with.

Brian: Because Angela Chase is the one girl who somewhat understands who I really am and it would take longer for me to get comfortable around other girl.

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