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Chapter 18: Alternative Plan

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The story so far

Chapter 18: Alternative Plan

written by Rusty

added on: 02 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Friday night Brian and Angela's Second Date They are at the movie theater to see another movie, Forrest Gump, once of the last theaters to be showing the movie at the time.

They decide to sit in the back so they don't block anybody's view and maybe Brian would get up the courage to put his arm around Angela.

Right after sitting down, Brian sees Jordan with Casey Hall about 5 rows down from where they are sitting and feels proud that he is here with Angela and not Jordan. He is also hoping that Angela doesn't see Jordan with Casey Hall.

Angela: Brian, can we go?

Brian: Why? was is the problem Angela?

Angela: Look down about five rows (Brian acts like he sees this for the first time) I can't be here right now, let's go. (Grabs Brian's hand and they leave in a hurry)

Outside of Movie Theater

Angela is starting to cry, Brian feels bad that they picked this movie

Brian: Sorry about the movie choice.

Angela: It's not that. It's just....I don't know.

Brian: So what if he is here with Casey Hall. So what. I am with you and I am glad to be with you. Do you want me to tell the whole world that I am with you because I will.

Angela smiles through her tears, Brian hands her his hanky that he has with him

Angela: Thanks Brian. Could we just go?

Brian: Where do you want to go? I have an idea, we could just stop at the movie rental place and get a couple of movies and watch them at my house or yours.

Angela smiles again and says: We can't do it at my house, my parents are home.

Brian: Ok then. We can go to my house, my parents aren't home. They are at some official dinner or something.

After renting a couple of movies, Brian and Angela drive to their street.

Angela: Could you drop me off at my house for a couple of minutes, so I can change and let my parents know what is going on if they are still up.

Brian: Sure, I will just be waiting in my livingroom, just make sure to knock on the front door.

Angela: Ok.

Brian drops her off and while Angela is going up to her front door, Brian is parking in his parents' driveway. Angela goes into her house and sees both Patty and Graham.

Patty: Hello. It's only 8pm. I thought you were on a date with Brian. Did you and Brian have a fight or something?

Angela: No Mom, Brian and I didn't have a fight. It's just I saw Jordan with another girl and couldn't handle it at the movies and so I asked Brian if we could just go back here.

Graham: So where's Brian? and where are you going now?

Angela runs upstairs OS: Brian is at his house, we rented a couple of movies, and were going to watch them. I just here to change into something more comfortable.

Patty: Are Brian's parents home????

Angela: No, they are not. Plus when are Brian's parents ever home besides the other day.

Graham: Good point. So it is just you and Brian and some movies?

Angela OS: Yes. Plus were not going to do anything besides watch movies. (VO: all though I wouldn't mind if Brian kissed me) (Coming back down the stairs) Plus you will know where I am if you need to get a hold of me.

Patty: That's true. Bye then.

Angela: Bye Mom. Bye Dad.

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