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Chapter 9: Sleepless Hopes Fulfilled

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Chapter 9: Sleepless Hopes Fulfilled

written by Rusty

added on: 09 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan drops her off at her house. Angela has now made her way up to her room after declining to say how her night was with Jordan when asked by her parents.

Angela is now in bed in her pajamas trying hard to fall asleep and failing.

AngelaVO: I have to get past Jordan Catalano. Even though it might difficult to do so. How did I end up in this position? Maybe he was just ashamed of himself or even me. Why else could he never tell his friends that we were a couple? (stomach growling) Well I guess if I am not going to get to sleep, I may as well eat something.

Angela gets up goes down the stairs and heads into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator door.

Angela to herself: Milk, leftover lasanga, key lime pie, what else, what else?

Graham standing in the dark in the kitchen: I will heat up some of that leftover lasanga.

Angela (startled): DAD?????? What are you doing?

Graham: Sorry Angela. This is where I come in the middle of the night to think and to fill my empty stomach. What are you doing up?

Angela: The same thing you are, to eat and to think.

Graham: What is going on?

Angela: Is it possible to be fixated on one person while at the same time wondering about another person?

(Graham heats up the lasagna) Graham: I guess so. Individual people have their own hopes, dreams, and realities. The people you are compatible with, you know, may include you in their own dreams and future plans. I mean you just can't get stuck on one person if you have like no future with them that you can see. (Serves the lasanga) Enjoy.

Angela: That makes sense and at the same time it doesn't make sense.

Graham: Ok, take Brian Krakow. You and him use to be the best of friends and now the tension between you two is so thick you couldn't cut it with a butter knife.

Angela: Well times change and people change. I am still friends with Brian Krakow its just complicated that's all.

Graham: Complicated? That's what you call it ok. He is the one male outside of this family who knows you and cares about, even though he seems at times to get worked up over the small stuff that you are involved in. That Angela is called love, caring enough to know whether or not that person is doing, what is going on in their life and being there for them.

Angela: Love?

Graham: I have seen the way he looks at you. It makes me sick to my stomach because your my daughter but that boy is in love with you.

Angela: Really?

Graham: Yeah.

Angela: Thanks Dad for giving me some perspective.

Graham: Your welcome. (Leaves kitchen, goes to look out front window, sees Brian Krakow riding around on his bike outside of the Chase house) Angela, looks like Brian can't sleep either.

Angela: Why do you say that?

Graham: Because he is riding his bike outside. If you go and talk to him I will leave the front door unlocked and just make sure you lock it when you go to bed.

Angela: Ok Dad. Good night.

Graham: (As Angela leaves) Goodnight.

Outside Chase house Brian is still riding around on his bike sees Angela waving to him, looks a bit surprised to see that it is actually Angela and decides to ride over to her.

Angela: Can't sleep?

Brian: Yeah, can't sleep. You?

Angela: Just alot on my mind right now.

Brian: Me too.

Angela: Is this what you normally do when you can't sleep, ride your bike around the neighborhood?

Brian: Not normally. But I like to look at the stars that I can't see from my room.

Angela: I see.

Brian (looking right at Angela): I see the brightest star right now.

Brian can't see whether or not he made Angela blush, but she did

Brian: There is something I have to ask you and please let me get this out before I lose my train of thought. I know I am not the most popular guy or even the guy who knows how to deal with people that well but I know I need you in some many ways that I can't even imagine and that being...said...I...uh...want to...go on a...(mouths words date with you)

Somehow Angela makes how the words "date with you"

Angela: Brian are you asking me out?

Brian: Yes, I think. Yes. Yes. Before you say no.....

Angela cuts him off

Angela: Why would I say no? I would be delighted.

Brian has a puzzled look on his face because he was not expecting Angela to say yes.

Angela: Brian, are you ok?

Brian: Yes, I....I, I don't know what to say. I practiced asking you out so many times that it is hard to believe that it has actually happened.

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