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Chapter 16: Angela meets her new boyfriend's parents

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Chapter 16: Angela meets her new boyfriend's parents

written by Rusty

added on: 30 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Later that night still at Brian's house, Brian is up in his room and his parents are each in their individual office's

Knocking on the front door

Bob goes from his office to the door and opens the door, sees that it is Angela Chase and smiles

Angela: Hello Mr. Krakow, is Brian here? I um, need some help with my geometry homework if he wasn't busy.

Bob: Yes, yes he is. I believe he is listening to music on through his headphones right now, let me go get him. to Bernice: Bernice, Angela Chase is here.

Bernice comes out to see Angela: Hello Angela. How are you? How are your parents? I figure I would ask since we don't see them anymore

Angela: I'm fine. My parents are doing well.

At the same time Bob opens Brian's door

Bob: Angela Chase is here, she wants some help with her geometry homework? Is that the real reason she is here?

Brian: If that is what she said she is here for. Wait a minute where's Mom?

Bernice: She is just catching up with Angela.

Brian: Oh no. I don't want you or Mom playing 20 questions with her. You two don't trust my judgment?

Bob: It's not that. We just haven't talked with her in a while. I mean we knew all about her when you, her and Sharon were all younger but not now.

Brian (Moving very fast out of the room) I don't want you or Mom convincing her that she shouldn't go with me. Angela?

Angela: Hi Brian. I need some help with my geometry homework? Would you care to help?

Brian: Yes, I would love to help. Mom the Q and A session ends now.

Bernice: Brian, what are you talking about? We have just been talking about life and things.

Brian: I know what that means. Mom, I am going out with Angela and I don't think you should be trying to convince her that I don't have the time or something like that.

Bernice: I wasn't going to say that, in fact, I don't have any problem now with you going out with Angela. Is that not right Bob?

Bob: Whatever you say Bernice.

Angela smiles while Brian is trying to figure out what kind of answers Angela gave to lead his mother to her conclusion.

Angela: So, let's get started on my geometry. I got a test next week and I am completely lost.

Brian looking at her: Um, yes ok lets go into the dining room.

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