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Chapter 4: Closure

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Chapter 4: Closure

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne are are all in the girls bathroom, Rickie and Angela are sitting in the window and Rayanne is adjusting her make-up.

Angela VO: Okay, so I decided to go ahead and keep the part, I mean, basically I had to choose between Jordan being engaged to me, or Rayanne and I have to say I prefer me. What I hate is that we don't even know what scenes we're gonna do or not do, so I don't know if I'll even have to do talk to him let alone dance with him or something. And what's weird about all that is the fact that I almost want to be forced to talk to him even if it's not really us but it could be like closure or something, I don't know I finally think that...
Angela: ... I'm over him, Jordan.
Rayanne: that could really happen.
Rickie: When did you come up with this brilliant idea of being over him.
Angela: Ha, ha. seriously, I know that I've said it before but it's real this time.
Rickie: You've said that before too.
Rayanne: I believe it, when I see it.
Angela: How do you prove it.
Rayanne: (gets excited) Let me and Rickie set you up with someone.
Angela: No, it's not like that I not like ready to but myself out there again.
Rayanne: Okay, so let me get this start you're over him but you're not over..., okay what are you not over.
Angela: It's hard to explain I just I'm not ready for that.
Rayanne: For what?
Rickie: She's not over him.
Angela: You two just don't get it, (laughs) I don't get it.
Rayanne: I am starving, when do we eat.
Angela: I've no idea, I'll go check.
Rayanne: Groovy.

Angela runs down the stairs, at the same time the doorbell rings.

Angela: I got it, Dad when's dinner.
Graham: (from the kitchen) about half an hour.

Angela opens the door, Jordan is standing in the doorway with his back turned finishing his cigarette.

Angela: (surprised) Hey? (he turns around)
Jordan: Hey, I was wondering, do you know where Brain's house is because I know he lives around here and I figured you knew where...
Angela: That is what you came over here for?
Jordan: Well, yeah, is there something wrong with that?
Angela: No, I just, he lives next door. (She closes the door on him, she sits on the floor with her back on the door, a few seconds later you hear a knock, she stands up and reopens the door) Yeah.
Jordan: Which next door.
Angela: That way (she points to Brian's house)
Jordan Thanks, hey I'm real sorry about everything it's all screwed up, I really don't know what's going on anymore.

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