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Chapter 10: Perfect First Date

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Chapter 10: Perfect First Date

written by Rusty

added on: 09 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Their first date had been something Brian Krakow had been planning ever since Angela Chase had started becoming a teenage girl.

The problem was he had no idea whether or not the actual execution of the date would happen the way he wanted it to.

First he had to get his driver's license which he got without a problem.

His second problem was that he didn't have a car and his parents Bob and Bernice were both going to be using their cars which left Brian stuck. He came up with an idea.

Chase House Graham and Patty are both home Danielle is in her room and Angela is hanging out with Rayanne at her place.

Knocking at Chase Front Door

Patty answers the door, opens it, sees that Brian is at the door

Patty to Graham: Brian Krakow is here (To Brian) Come in. Angela's not home. Could we help you with something?

Brian: I need to ask a favor. It's um rather embrassing to ask this of you but I don't know who else to ask right now.

Chase Living Room Brian sitting in a chair Graham and Patty sitting on the couch.

Graham: Let me see if I got this right, you want to borrow our station wagon on Friday night to take Angela on a date because your parents can let you borrow one of theirs.

Brian: That's That is it.

Graham and Patty: (together) Ok.

Graham: Give us a second to discuss it. (While they are discussing it, Brian looks on nervously. They finish discussing and come back to talk with Brian.)

Patty: We will give you the car on Friday night on 3 conditions.
1. Angela must be home by her curfew of midnight
2. No fresh stuff in the car
3. Full tank of gas in the station wagon when I get it back

At the same moment Patty is finishing with condition 3, Angela walks in the front door as Danielle comes down the stairs.

Angela: Brian, what are you doing here?

Danielle (singing): "Angela and Brian sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g"

Angela: Shut up Danielle.

Brian: (To Patty and Graham) Thank you. Thank you very much. (To Angela) We umm need to talk later.

Angela: Ok. Bye

Danielle goes into the kitchen as Brian leaves via the front door

Patty (To Angela): I didn't know you had a date with Brian Krakow on Friday night.

Angela: I do. Why was he over here? He knew I wasn't going to be here.

Graham: He asked to borrow our stationwagon for your date because he couldn't get a car from either one of his parents that night.

Angela: I see. So did you let him?

Patty: Yes.

Friday night Brian and Angela's first date

In the Chases stationwagon on the way back from dinner and after the movie.

Angela: Thank you for taking me to see Interview with the Vampire. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

Brian (while driving): You are most welcome. I am glad I got to see it with you. Well well look at the time, its almost midnight I got to get you home.

Angela: That was one of your conditions right.

Brian: Yes. Sure glad we got gas before the movie otherwise I would have no chance of making your parents deadline.

Angela: What do you think will happen if I don't make my curfew.

Brian: Your parents will never let me date you again.

Brian and Angela pull into the Chase driveway at 11:56pm.

Brian: Whew! Four minutes to spare. May I escort you to the door?

Angela: Why not?

Chases Front Door

Angela: Are you coming in?

Brian: Only for a minute. So I can give back the car keys to your father.

Angela: Oh ok. Just one more thing before we go in.

Brian: What's...(she kisses him) WOW!!!!!!! What was that for?

Angela: For a (he kisses her back) perfect evening.

Angela opens the door, Graham is sitting on the couch.

Graham (To both): How was your date? (Brian hands the keys back to Graham)

Angela: Perfect

Brian: Almost Perfect

Angela stands inside the livingroom with a puzzled look

Brian: I mean it will be perfect when she agrees to go on a second date with me.

Angela: His date was perfect.

Brian: Goodnight Angela (Angela goes upstairs)

Angela: Goodnight Brian (Brian leaves through the front door)



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