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Chapter 23: Motherly Advice from Patty

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The story so far

Chapter 23: Motherly Advice from Patty

written by Rusty

added on: 15 Jan 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Three days later

In the Chase Kitchen, Angela is searching the refrigerator for any food of her father's that he may have left behind while Patty is trying to get Angela's attention

Patty: Angela, Angela, Angela!!!!

Angela: What Mom? What is so important that you have to yell my name across the room?

Patty: We need to talk.

AngelaVO (while looking at the milk): It just doesn't feel right without Dad here. I mean I kind of understand what she is going through right now in terms of the guy your with or going to be with cheating on you with somebody else but I just want her to give him a second chance.

Angela takes one last look in the refrigerator while looks dissatisfied with what she is seeing and grabs the milk and close the refrigerator door and faces Patty

Angela: What is it Mom?

Patty: I have something I need to tell you, Angela.

Angela: What is it Mom, I'm going out with Rickie and Rayanne soon.

Patty: I know, you told that me that five minutes ago and Danielle is up in her room and I am going to give your father a second chance.

Angela: Great news Mom.

Patty: Angela, always give your guy a second chance because life is full of second chances

Angela: Thanks for the advice Mom.

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"