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Chapter 20: Forgotten Note

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The story so far

Chapter 20: Forgotten Note

written by Rusty

added on: 03 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian is alone in his room with Angela asleep on the couch in his livingroom

BrianVO: I can't sleep. I don't think I will be able to sleep again for the rest of my life. Is this what they call joy? If it is, I love this feeling. I mean Angela Chase finally kissed me, now I just need to kiss her. (looks at the time 12:48am) My parents should be home any minute. My parents, oh no, I forgot to leave the note.

Brian immediately runs down the stairs, making sure not to wake Angela and tries to write a note fast but to no avail, his parents walk through the front door

Bob (to Bernice): Is that Angela Chase asleep on our couch?

Bernice: Looks like....(sees Brian) Brian, what is Angela Chase doing asleep on our couch?

Angela momentarily wakes up and figures out that Brian's parents have just gotten home and to look like she is still asleep

Brian: Mom, Dad, could you like keep down the noise, Angela is trying to sleep. We watched a couple of movies and she fell asleep during the second one and I let her sleep here. Nothing happened, I swear.

Bernice (whispering): Do her parents know that she is here right now?

Brian: Yes, her dad showed up here at like half hour ago and I told him that she feel asleep on the couch. I did mean to leave you both a note explaining this but something happened and I forgot.

Bob: Brian, it's not like you to forget anything.

Brian: I know, I know, I'm sorry. My plan for Angela was just to let her sleep there and walk her back to her house tomorrow morning.

Bernice: So your date went well then?

Brian: I guess so. I actually showed her that I can be flexible when it comes to events and when things come up.

Bob: Good for you Brian. Well were going to our bedroom, so good night and make sure you get some sleep.

Angela watches from the couch as Brian's parents go upstairs and whispers to Brian: Brian, Brian.

Brian (whispering to Angela): What?

Angela: Thanks. I would love that, in the morning.

Brian: Sure. No problem. Now I actually have to try to get some sleep, couldn't sleep before.

Angela: Why not?

Brian: I had just experienced something incredible and was just very happy.

Angela: Ok then. Well goodnight Brian.

Brian: Goodnight Angela.

Brian goes back upstairs to his room

AngelaVO: Now I can't sleep. Why can't Brian just kiss me?

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