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Chapter 11: The Self-Realization of Brian Krakow

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Chapter 11: The Self-Realization of Brian Krakow

written by Rusty

added on: 11 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The next morning the Chase kitchen: Patty and Graham are discussing what Graham observed when Angela and Brian got back from their date.

Graham: She looked genuienly happy. Brian must have been a perfect gentlemen on their date last night.

Patty: Brian Krakow probably was too nervous to try anything. He probably just wanted to make sure that she had a good time and that we could trust him going out with Angela again.

Danielle enters

Danielle: So how was Angela's date? I fell asleep before midnight.

Patty: None of your business.

Angela in her pajamas walks into the kitchen with a half asleep grin on her face, opens the refrigerator.

Angela: (still looking in the refrigerator) Do we have any orange juice?

Graham: Try behind the milk. I was just telling your mother about your date.

Angela: Thanks.

Danielle: Dad, I want details.

AngelaVO: How did my life become so interesting to my parents? Does this mean I actually have a life that could be interesting? Furthermore, why does Danielle even care how my date went?

Angela: Don't Dad, otherwise I will never talk to you again.

Patty: Don't say that to your father.

Graham: Ok. Ok. Geez.

Patty: Are you and Brian going to go out again?

Angela: Yes, just don't know when yet.

Monday morning bus stop

Brian is waiting at the bus stop, sees Angela coming

BrianVO: Oh boy. Here she comes. Ok what do I do now? Think Brian think. You can understand school subject so easily but you don't know how to be Angela Chase's boyfriend?

Angela stands right next to Brian, makes sure everybody sees including her parents and Danielle still inside the Chase house.

Graham and Patty: How cute.

DanielleVO: How can Brian do this to me? He chose Angela over me, what nerve.

Brian turns to his left and sees Angela (To Angela) Hi.

Angela: Hi. How are you? Since I didn't see you the whole weekend.

Brian: Fine I guess. Sorry was busy doing homework all weekend.

The bus shows up and Brian and Angela both get on and sit in the same seat on the back of the bus with Brian sitting to the left of Angela

AngelaVO: I use to think that Brian Krakow was just plain annoying but it seems that he now has some confidence.

BrianVO: Should I even ask her? I mean I don't want to come across like I don't know what I am doing but at the same time, I just don't want to do something stupid and embrass Angela. That would about break my heart. Ok why not, do it now.

Brian turns toward Angela (says): Angela, I know this may not be the time and place to like ask you this but how do you want me to act. I mean like should we hold hands when we enter school? Should I walk you to all your classes?

AngelaVO: So the training of Brian Krakow begins. I am rather glad he asked because I was wondering the same thing myself. Well, he is my new boyfriend.

Angela (To Brian): Ok that sounds good. Also call me Angela, not Chase. We should be on a first name basis if we're going to be a couple, Brian.

Brian: Ok thanks Angela (smiles)

Bus arrives at school, Brian gets off the bus first and takes Angela's hand as she gets off the bus. As they walk the steps up to the front entrance of Liberty High, other students begin to notice that Brian Krakow is actually holding hand with a girl and just any girl but Angela Chase.

BrianVO: When your lifelong dream is a dream that is known to everybody, it makes it all the more special when that dream comes true and everybody sees it. I AM THE HAPPIEST GUY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH RIGHT NOW!!!!

Angela is almost embrassed by the fact that everybody is looking at them, Brian noticies this and says to everybody: What? You never seen a guy and a girl holding hands before?

Everybody else starts with their own business as Angela and Brian get to the top steps before going inside and run into Sharon and Rayanne.

Brian: Cherski, Graff are you both? Have a good weekend?

Sharon: Not as great as somebody did.

Rayanne: Krakow, is that a smile I see from you? It's Monday, nobody should be smiling on a Monday. (To Angela) Why are you smiling your holding Krakow's hand?

Sharon: Well I know he is not smiling because he got the highest grade on the science test on Friday.

Brian: That that's not the reason. Let's just say I have the best Friday I ever hand.

Rayanne: Is that saying much? I mean you don't do much anyways.

Sharon: Rayanne?

Rayanne: It's true.

Brian: Rayanne, look, just look. I know you and I don't see eye to eye but that doesn't mean that you can try to tear me down every chance you get. I don't deserve it, ok.

Rayanne: Fine ok, geez. Just looking out for Angela.

Brian: I don't have to justify how I feel about Angela to you. The only person I have to tell how I feel about Angela is Angela. I have to look out for Angela too while at the same time she is looking out for me. Yes, I went out with Angela on Friday night and yes I had the greatest time of my life. (Turns to Angela and says) Thank you for that. (Back to Rayanne) Just because I don't know what to say have the time doesn't mean I don't care because I do. (To Angela) Look at the time (almost 9am first class) I got to get to class, see you at your locker before English ok?

Angela: Ok Brian. I will see you then.

Brian starts walking away

Rayanne (to Angela): What got into him? He seemed like an actual person, passionate, caring and interesting.

Sharon: Angela, I think Brian should stood up for himself for the first time.

Rayanne: Glad I was here to see it just in case it never happens again.

Angela: I don't know what just happened, I have never seen Brian Krakow like that and I liked it.

BrianVO: Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself when the situation and time dictates it. I think this is the first time I have ever defended Angela Chase's honor and I am glad I did it. Maybe she gave me something she can never realize she had control over, my self-confidence. I can be Angela Chase's boyfriend, I can do it. I also know that I have to work with Angela to make it work in the long-term.

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