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Chapter 23: Commitment for Brian and Angela

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The story so far

Chapter 23: Commitment for Brian and Angela

written by Rusty

added on: 05 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

That Saturday night still at Brian's house Sharon, Patty, and Danielle have all left and Brian is talking with Angela

Brian: What a day, this is sure to be one day I will never forget.

Angela: I know what you mean, its not everyday you find out that your dad cheats on your mom

Brian: Angela, besides that I mean

Angela: I knew what you meant, yes it was a great morning followed by a heartbreaking afternoon with a quiet night.
Thanks for helping me out today, I appreciate it

Brian: Angela, your my girl, I wouldn't want to hurt you in any way

Angela: That is so sweet of you to say. How would you feel if I made you swear that while we are going out that you will never cheat on me and vice versa

BrianVO: Is this what they mean by commitment? I'm not against this its just I am surprised that she came up with it, plus I would agree to marry her if she wanted to right now

Brian: I will never cheat on you while we are going out

Angela: I will never cheat on you while we are going out

Brian: Happy now?

Angela: Yes. Thank you. Now will you walk me back to my house again.

Brian: Sure.

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