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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 22: NICE TRY!!!!!!

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The story so far

Chapter 22: NICE TRY!!!!!!

written by jillian

added on: 10 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela- i better get inside my parents are probably worried

jordan- ya do you still want a ride

angela- sure ill be out in a few minuets

she kissis him quikely and walks inside her house she tries to be quiet not waking anyone she gets changed for school she writes her parents a note syaing she was sorry for getting in so late and that she left early for school she runs out to jordans car and they drive off to school

angela and jordan are at school early so they sit in the car talking

angela- i dont know what im gonna say to everyone im sure they already know

jordan-dont worry about it they know you did nothing wrong....joeys the one who should be watching his back today

angela- jordan please dont start anything at school...

jordan looks at angel and can tell that it would be hard on her to have to go through anything ealse

jordan-i wont

angela- so what sould i do you know if i like run into him or somthing

jordan- you wont be alone all day i already looked at our scheduals and i can walk you to all of your classes

angela- thanks jordan for being so conciterate..i love you

jordan- i love you to

jordan leans ove and softly kissis angela he pulls away they're faces are only inches apart

jordan-we better go school starts in a few minutes


angela and jordan get out of his car and walk into school holding each other as they walk down the halls some people smile sypethetically at angela. when they reach her locker theres a note in it

we need to talk

jordan takes the note and crumbles it and throws it on the fool just then joey is seen walking down the hallway and jordans face is full of anger

jordan-ill be right back

angela- jordan plz

jordan- i just want to talk to him


angela kissis his cheek and he walks over to joey and gets in his face and whispers really low

jordan-dont ever pull anything like that again she dosent want to talk to you ,leave her the hell alone she'll talk to you on the court date.

joey looks pissied off and pushes jordan out of the way some people in the halls have stopped to see whats going on
jordan walkes back over to angela

angela-is everything ok

jordan- ya fine, he wont bug you anymore

angela- thanks

just then shane walk up to the two of them

shane- hey ok angela, was joey bugging you

angela- no im fine

shane-ok, umm jordan can i talk to you for a miniute

jordan-sure,wait here(kissis her cheek)

jordan and shane walk off by themselves

shane- i think you might want to see these

shane holds out some notes

jordan opens the first one

did you hear about angela chase

ya she slept with joey didnt she

ya like in front off her boyfirend, god shes such a slut

remeber at the begining off the year when she slept with jordan in front of brian krackow

she is such a sleeze

jordan looks totally pissed and hands him the note

shane- read the next one joey wrote it

jordan opens the note and begins to read it


so what are you gonna do on the trail date

well im gonna sat she wanted it im not gonna admit to rapeing her

so you did?

well ya i was drunk

catalanos gonna be after you if you tell them she wanted it

hes already after me besides ill just make the judge beliveve that shes the type that puts out

jordan takes the not and puts it in his pocket

jordan(mummbles under his breath)nice try joey

shane-you dont think they'll believe him do you

jordan- they wont after reading this

jordan walks back over to angela and wraps his arms around her waiste and walks her to class

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