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Chapter 15: Rape

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Chapter 15: Rape

written by shynitha

added on: 02 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne coming out of the club looking for angela, she spots jordan and shane standing in the alley and hears a girl crying.she runs over to them to see who it is.

Rayanne runs towards angela and is crying.

Rayanne-Angela, angela?(looks at joey) You idiot she's drunk, how could you take advantage of her like this.(runs towards joey and smacks him hard in the face)

Jordan walks slowly over to angela, who is crying and is so drunk doesn't no where she is.
Angela is still sitting on the ground moving her head from side to side, trying not to stay concious.

Angela-Jordan, jordan i'm sorry, i didn't want to..(coughing)it happended really fast, he was toooo strong, i..i..i couldn't get him off of me. (looks around the alley)where am i? (still crying, stands to her feet, trys to walk but stumbles, jordan catches her before she falls, he holds on to her trying to walk her to his car.

Angela-(crying and laughing at the same time) Jordan, where are we going.

Jordan-I'm taking you home, you're too drunk, you need to get some rest.(jordan looks back at shane and joey still standing in the alley watching him take angela to his car. Rayanne is slowly walking behind jordan and angela crying to herself. Jordan turns his head to look joey in the eyes, he looks at him with cold eyes and mouths "i'll take care of you tomorrow"

Jordan and angela reaches the car angela is talking outta her head, about how much she loves jordan and that she didn't mean to do it with joey, she saying she couldn't push him off of her.

Jordan puts angela in the car and rayanne gets in the backseat crying and rubbing angelas back trying to calm her down. Jordan is going to other side of the car then stops and turns the other direction towards the alley. He stops when he's in front of joey's face.

Joey-look man i'm sorry, i mean i heard her telling me to stop and yelling at me and trying to fight me off of her but i also didn't hear her, you know what i mean. I'm sorry, i'm really sorry.

Jordan-(tring his best be keep his hands from punching joey in the face, his hands are in fist at his sides)-You call your self my friend and you're out here screwing my girlfriend. she's just...(can't stay calm anymore and starts yelling)..YOU JUST FREAKING RAPED MY GIRLFRIEND, i could be beating your butt right here right now but you're just lucky i have to take her home and make sure she's alright and explain to her parents what YOU just did.(looks at joey and shakes his head, laughs a little) you basicly just begged a judge to throw you in jail for 5 or more years or something. you're lucky you're not considered an adult yet.

Shane-Places an arm on jordans shoulder.-Look man just take her home and do what you gotta do, we'll deal with this...this...(looks at joey) i dont even theres a low enough name for you...(turns back to jordan) we'll fix him with tino and the other guys later on , alright? (jordan just stands there still looking at joey, joey is looking at the ground a few tears has fallen from his eyes)

Jordan(yelling)-WHAT!? you think just because you're crying like a baby then we won't-

Shane-Catalano! just take angela home now. we'll deal with everything else later alright.

Just then angela opens the passenger side door and starts throwing up on the ground. Jordan runs over to her and pulls her hair back and rubs her back untill she's done throwing up. mean while shane is in the alley screaming at joey, joey is on his knees with his head in his hands, mumbling the words, "i'm sorry, i didn't mean to" over and over again.

Jordan gets back on the other side of his car and takes off towards angela's house.

Jordan-you're supposed to be her bestfriend, how could you let her get so drunk to the point she doesn't know where she is, anybody could take advantage of you when you're like that.

Rayanne-(crying uncontrollably) i dont know, i thought i was maybe doing her a favor by letting..her..get..loose, or wild. i thought i was showing her how to have fun, i didn't know she had drunk this much though.

Jordans-a tear rolls down jordan cheeks

Jordan-thinking of how this will affect angela and wondering how to get joey back, Angela-still a mess, and Rayanne-still crying, have arrived at angela's house.

Jordan and Rayanne are on both sides of angela holdin her up and helping her walk to her porch. Jordan rings the doorbell, patty opens the door and is speachless.

Patty-(starts crying) oh my GOD! what happend to her, i thought she was in her room asleep. oh my god!

Jordan has laid angela down on her bed because she has fallen asleep, Rayanne is downstairs with, waiting on jordan to come back so they can tell her and Graham what happend. Danielle is over at a friends house spending the night thank GOD.

Jordan is trying not to cry, but the tears come anyway. Patty hands him a tissue, and she begins with the story where Shane ran in the club and told him that joey was forcing Angela into having sex with him. Patty starts crying when she heard the word forcing. Jordan continues...

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