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Chapter 16: the worse can bring you closer to someone

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Chapter 16: the worse can bring you closer to someone

written by shynitha

added on: 02 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela is in the living room sitting on the couch silently,her mother just told her everything that happend to her last night. She went to the clinic earlier that morning to see if she had anything or if she'd gotten preganant, all the results came out negative which is good.
Angela is trying to take in everything her mother has just told her. Patty is now in the kitchen fixing lunch, lettin her daughter have some time alone to think about things. Suddenly the door bell rings, angela gets up to get it. It's Jordan.

Jordan doesn't say hi or anything he just comes in and hugs her really tight for a few minutes. He finally pulls back away from her.

Angela gives him a half smile-Well, hello to you too.

Jordan-How are you, i mean did you mom already tell you.

Angela(looks at the ground, and runs her fingers through her hair a couple times)-Yeah, she told me. (chin starts to tremble)I'm really sorry.(starts to cry) Thank you, for bringing me home last night and makin sure i was okay.

Jordan-Hugs her and burries his head in her shoulder,she burries her head in his chest)-It's okay, you don't to be sorry, and you don't have to like say thank you either. i wanted to take you home.

Angela-No really, i am sorry, i shoudln't haven even started drinking anything, and i shouldn't have gotten so drunk, i was pretty much asking for someone to come along and...(chokes up and crys uncontrollably)

Jordan-I'm gonna kill joey for doing this to you...i just..i wish i had of seen you at the club, instead of talking to cynthia about her and joey and you and me. i wish i should have looked for you or something, then this would have never happend.(he lifs his head and starts to kiss angela)

All of a sudden the front door opens and Danielle walks in. she sees jordan and angela in the a front hallway kissing, they don't seem to have noticed anyone has come in.


Patty hears this and comes into the living room.

Patty-Danielle! don't ever say anything like that to them ever again, you don't know what has happend while you were away. come here.

Angela turns to her mom and Danielle, danielle is looking greatly confused.

Angela-No its okay mom, i'll tell her myself, come on Danielle i gotta tell you something.(Angela and Danielle walk up the stairs into angelas room)

Patty and jordan or standing in the living room in an ackward silence.

Jordan-So um, are you guys gonna press charges or something to that guy joey, cause if you don't i'll just go over there and beat the shi-..crap outta him, and if you do i'll still go over there and beat the crap outta him. so you know, he basicly can't win for losing.

Patty-(surprised at what has come outta Jordans mouth, laughs a little then ..-well why don't you just come in the kitchen so i can fix you something to eat and meanwhile i'll tell you what we're gonna do. sound good?

Jordan-sure, but i'm still gonna jump him whatever you say, i mean i'm just tellin you now so you won't be surprised when you find out later.

Patty-(smiles at jordan) much as i want to go over there myself and beat him up, because believe me you i can fight a man, i've done it before and i can do it again, BUT two wrongs don't make a right.

Jordan-Well, when you hurt someone i love, two wrongs do make a right in this kind of situation.

Patty-(still smiling) well i can see i'm not gonna be able to get you outta that, why dont you just come on in the kitchen.VO-kid's got guts, can't believe he's actually going to beat up the kid, i have to admit i'm kind of happy about it, even though i know i shouldn't, but he deserves it right? of course he does, well in my humble opinion that is.)

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