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Chapter 8: A twist of fate

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Chapter 8: A twist of fate

written by pernilla

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Cut to: Angelas room, Rickie is fixing Angelas hair and make-up, and Rayanne is choosing clothes for her.

Rayanne: So Rickie, you think Catalano will be there?
Rickie: He might.
( Both looks at Angela)
Angela: Like I care, I'm like *so* over him...
Rayanne: Yeah right.(laugh)
Angela: I am!! Rickie??
Rickie: Sure you are(they both laugh)
Angela: What, I am!
Rayanne: We've heared that one before.
Angela: Shut up!
(They all laugh)

Cut to: The loft, there are a lot of people there, the music is loud. Rayanne is dancing with some guy. Rickie and Angela is sitting in a corner, looking around.
Rickie: There is Jordan.
Angela:(surprised) Where?!(calms down, sees him. He is drinking beer andtalking with Shane and some other guys.
AngelaVO: I'm so over him, (lookes at him) or maby I'm not. It's hard to know.
(Jordan starts to walk towards Angela, she freezes, but he turns to get anoter drink, he didn't see her. He is standing all alone.
Rickie: Go to him. I know you want to???

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