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Chapter 9: how does she really feel?

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Chapter 9: how does she really feel?

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela: why is it that everytime i see him i get this crazy feeling in my stomach and i just freeze up completely.
rickie: be cause you still like him. alot.
angela: i dont. i told you.
angela vo: if only i could actually say that and mean it. because the truth is, is that i don't know how i feel for him.
while wrapped up in her thoughts angela suddenly looks up to see jordan like right in front of her.
angela: whoa creepy. i hate when youre thinking about someone and they sudenly just show up right in front of you. its like you should feel embarresed or something for thinking of them cuz they like know now.
jordan: hey
angela: hey
rickie: you know angela i should go find rayanne. i haven't seen her in the past couple minutes so i should really find her. bye
angela: bye rickie
jordan: look can we like go somewhere to talk?
he looks around the crowded room,
jordan: you know somewhere quiet.
angela: yea sure
jordan leads here out to his car.
jordan: i feel like i should explain everything. but i dont know how. not quite at least.
angela vo: ok i was convinced- he could of kept talking and it didn't matter. the fact that he pulled me out here to try and explain just made me melt. nothing mattered right now. only he did.
angela moves over and kisses him. he seems surprised but kisses her back.
meanwhile back at the loft, rickie meets up with...

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