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Chapter 17: joeys drunk....again

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Chapter 17: joeys drunk....again

written by jillian

added on: 07 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

we cut to jordans car quikley pulling up to joeys house the tires squeking as he stops jordan jumps out of the car and goes to the door and bangs on it

jordan - open up joey i know your in there

joey opens the door holding a beer can obviously drunk

joey(drunkinly)hey jordan(smiles)

jordan(yelling) dont even try to be friendly with me man

joey(cutting him off)awww ur still mad about the whole angela thing but hay who can blame me for wantin some of that

jordan(grabs his collar and pulls him close to his face)watch yourself man

joey(laughing)of course who could blame someone for wantin soome of she wasnt that bad id do her again in a sec her and those long legs and soft skin

before he can finish jordan punches him in the nose while joey drunkinly tries to swing a few hits at him but fails joeys nose starts to bleed

joey- man whats your problem


joey- aww man i know what it is your mad about you still not gettin any dont worry man u will...hell maby we both will

jordan- u really dont get it do you what you did is illegal she was still a virgin joey SHE WASNT READY

joey stomps back to the house leaving jordan standing their

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