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Chapter 14: The Alley

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Chapter 14: The Alley

written by Dazzler

added on: 12 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Without another thought, Shane rushes back into the club.
The song has just shifted to Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack", making more people crowd the dance floor.

Ooooh, come on. Ooh yeah.
Well, I tried to tell you so (Yes, I did)
But I guess you didn't know, as the saddest story goesSo, I'm back up in the game Running things like half my swing
Lettin' all the people know That I'm back to run the show
'Cause what you did you know was wrong And all the nasty things you've

So, baby, listen carefully While I sing my comeback song
Baby, now I got the flow cause I knew it from the start
Baby, when you broke my heart that I had to come again
And show you that I'm with

Shane looks around the room for Jordan. He spots him at the pay phones, still talking to Cynthia Hargroove. He pushes his way through the dance floor instead of going around, to reach Jordan faster.

You lied to me
All those times I said that I loved you
You lied to me
Yes, I tried, yes, I tried
You lied to me
Even though you know I'd die for you
You lied to me
Yes, I cried, yes, I cried

Jordan: (Smoking a cigarette) So are things are working out with you and Joey. (Hands the cigarette to her)

Cythina: (Takes it) Beats me. What about you and the chick?

Jordan: Angela?

Cythina: (Taking a wiff of the cigarette) Yeah, I heard you guys got back together.

Jordan: You could say that.

Return of the Mack
It is Return of the Mack
Come on Return of the Mack
Oh, my god You know that I'll be back
Here I am

Return of the Mack
Once again Return of the Mack
Top of the world Return of the Mack
Watch my flow You know that I'll be back
Here I go

Shane finally reaches them, they look at him, and he pulls Jordan aside.

Shane: Joey and your girl are out in the alley.....

Jordan: (Narrowing his eyes) What?

Shane: I just saw them....I think Joey's forcing it.

Jordan: Just now?

Shane: Yeah, I just went out for a smoke....(Jordan leaves before he can finish the sentence, and he goes after him.)

You lied to me Cause she said she'd never turn on me
You lied to me But you did, but you did
You lied to me All this pain you said I'd never feel
You lied to me but I do, but I do do do

Return of the Mack
It is Return of the Mack
Hold on Return of the Mack
Don't you know You know that I'll be back (Here I go)
Return of the Mack Oh, little girl
Return of the Mack Once more, girl
Return of the Mack Up and down
You know that I'll be back round and round

Jordan leaves the club and heads for the Alley with Shane following him. He's Joey buckling his pants, and Angela sitting on the ground crying. He pales, realizing what just happened.

Fade out.....


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