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Chapter 20: lets bolt

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The story so far

Chapter 20: lets bolt

written by jillian

added on: 07 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

we come back into the car pulling up to angela and jordan laying on the ground on top of each other

shane(jokingly)god get a room

jordan jumps off angela and they both stand up

shane- so do you to wanna go to lets bolt

jordan(to angela)do you?

angela- sure

we cut to angela and jordan dancing together looking at each other seductivly angela then pulls jordan out of the club

angela- hay can you take me home

jordan- sure let me pull the car around do u wanna wait here

angela- sure

he kissis her on the cheek then leaves the cenewe see a car full of people pull up and they get out in the group of people we see joey he sees angela standing alone he starts to approach her

joey(being catiouse) angela?

angela- get out of here joey i dont wanna deal with you

angela begins to walk away but joey grabs her arm and spins her around

angela- get off!!!

joey pins her on the wall

joey- angela let me talk

agela- get off of me!!!!HELP!!!!(yelling)

she starts to struggl in his arms yelling for help jordans car pulls up and jordan jumps out of the car and throws joey off angela and to the ground

jordan- MAN WAHT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM(yelling)(softer) come on angela lets go

he raps his arm around angelas waist and they walk back to the car

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