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Chapter 19: at the park

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The story so far

Chapter 19: at the park

written by jillian

added on: 07 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

we see angela and jordan walking thru th park holding hands when they aproch a swing set angela sits down and jordan gets behind her and softly pushes her

jordan- i like coming here with you you know just to hang out

angela(smiling)me to

jordan- so how did your sister take it

angela- she was a lil upset i dont think she really understands

angela jumps up and sits on the grass jordan sits next to her they both lay down

angela- actually i feel better just being alone with you it lets me forget everything for a lil while

jordan leans over and kisses her passionatly she crawls on top of him while he sits up and hold her back while she runs her fingers thru his hair she breaks the kiss and lays down next to him he lays down to

they sit there for a few secs looking at each other when suddenly a sprinkler head pops out of the groung right between their heads and starts to spray them down they both bust up laughing both of them soaking wet

jordan- come on(indicating for her to jump on his back)

angela jumps on his back and he runs off the grass

angela- wait(jumps off his back) your turn

jordan- ya rite ill kill you

angela- no you wont i promise


he jumps on her back angela and jordan bust up laughing angela only makes it a few steps till they both fall on the ground jordan rolls on top of her and put her arms in the pin posistion and kissis her lovingly they both gaze into eachothers eyes when a car pulls up....

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