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Chapter 10: In the neighborhood

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Chapter 10: In the neighborhood

written by Ashley

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rickie: Brian? What are you doing here?
Brian: Oh I was just, you know. In the neighborhood.
Rickie: But aren't you supposed to be watching Danielle?
Does Angela know you're here?
Brian: Well, I was watching her, but then the Chases came
home so...
Rickie: Oh, okay... So, pardon my asking, but why are you
Brian: I told you... I was in the neighborhood--
Rickie: --Brian...
Brian: Okay, so I was looking for Angela.
Rickie: Well, she's outside with Jordan.
Brian: (looking down) Oh... well, I kind of need to go
anyway. Like do some calculus or whatever.
(Brian leaves, as Rickie calls after him.)

Back outside, Brian sees Angela and Jordan. He tries to
walk by without her noticing, or rather, maybe, *hoping*
she'll notice

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  • Angela sees him, wonders what he's doing here:
    Chapter 11: Ride by Joie (15 Dec 2000)
    16 more subchapters.

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