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Chapter 12: What Ever Happens, Happens

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Chapter 12: What Ever Happens, Happens

written by Melena

added on: 08 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Brian get out of the car, Brian looks like he wants to say something, but Angela walks toward her house, not looking at him. Taking the hint, Brain walks back to his own house.

Angela VO: Some people just can't mix, no matter how long they know each other. (She opens the door and goes into the house)

Later that night-

Angela is reading a novel, and the phone rings. She answers it.

Angela: Hello.

Rayanne: Hey girl, so like Tino just called and told me he can get us into this new club that just opened. Your coming with us Friday, I won't take no for answer.

Angela: (Rolls her eyes) Rayanne...remember what happened last time.

Rayanne: Angelika, he gave me his word.

Angela: (Sighs) Oh alright.

Rayanee: Famous...Me and Ricki will come over before we go and get you ready. See ya!(hangs up the phone)

Angela puts the phone down, and sprawls out on her bed, a look of defeat on her face, she can never say no sometimes.


Angela, Rayanne and Ricki are standing in the parking lot of building that reads Sancutary. Angela is shivering, the outfit Rayanne chose was way to skimpy, but Ricki did a good job hair and makeup.

Angela: I can't believe I let you talk me into wearing this. (She shakes her head, laughing a bit. Rayanne made her wear a tight navy blue skirt with a gray mini-t covered by a black flanned. And high plat forms)

Rayanne: Don't complain, you look good. Who knows, maybe you'll end up some other cute guy besides Catalano.

Ricki: He's not the only guy in the world you know.

Angela: Easy for you to say...

Ricki: What's taking Tino so long.

Rayanne: He'll be here.

Angela: He'd better.

Rayanne looks around, and see Tino's car pull up....

Rayanne: There he is, I'll be right back. (She leaves to talk to Tino)

Angela: (Turns to Ricki) What kind of club is this?

Ricki: (Shrugs) I guess we'll find out.

Rayanne: (Yelling) Come guys (She motions with her hand) Tino is waiting for us.

Angela and Ricki follow her, and they all go into the club.

In the Club, sometime later-

Rayanne is dancing with some guy, and Ricki and Angela are sitting at a table watching on. The music keeps shifting, from Hip Hop, to some Altrnative

Ricki: I'd say this is an improvemt from Let's Bolt.

Angela: No comment

Ricki: I think I'm gonna take off, Katimstki has a curfew.

Angela: (Gives him a quick peck) Later.

She watches him disapear into the crowds, and just as he leaves through the door, Angela see's Jordan enter the room with his friends. She smiles but instantly fades when she see's him enter with Cynitha Hargroove.

She gets up that instant and runs into the bath room, Rayanne see's her, and goes after her....In the bath room, Angela is wipping her tears, and washes her face quickly, forcing herself to stop crying.

Rayanne: (Enters the room) Angela, you alright.

ANgela: (Putting on a fake smile) Yeah.

Rayanne: Where'd Ricki go? (She looks at herself infront of the mirror, checking her make up)

Angela: Cerfew

Rayanne: (Rolls her eyes) Figures. (Turns to Angela) So is this great or what?(Changes the subject)

Angela: For sure (Decides not to say anything about Jordan) Do you have anything to drink?

Rayanee: (Frowns, then smiles) Sure hang on....(She leaves the bathroom to find Tino)

Angela waits, impatiently, for once she is going to let go and let whatever happens, happens. A moment later, Rayanne enters the room with a flask fill with Vodka, and they start drinking.

An Hour Later-

Angela is very drunk, and has joined Rayanne on the dance floor, both are dancing with random guys. Sh see's Jordan out of the corner of her eyes, and he is still talking to Cynthia Hargoove by the Phone Boothes. She decides to ingnore him, and concentrate on who she is with. From what she remembers he is one of Jordan's friends, or his drummer, Joey.

She is so drunk, she let's Joey lead her out of the Club and into an empty alley, he wraps his arms around her, and begins to kiss her, she gets into it herself. They are making out very heavly and he leans her against a brick wall....The next thing we is him kissing her neck and they slowly sink to the ground.

Fade to black:

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