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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 11: Ride

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Chapter 11: Ride

written by Joie

added on: 15 Dec 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(ANGELA looks around self-conciously. A little way off, JORDAN talks heatedly with one of his buddies. Suddenly ANGELA stops as though seeing something. PAN following her eyes to BRIAN. He walks awkwardly, but slowly. ANGELA runs over to him)

ANGELA: What are you doing here Krakow?! Did you leave my sister by herself?!

BRIAN: Excuse me, I'm not such a shallow person that I leave ten year-olds by themselves while I go enjoy myself with my friends!

(ANGELA looks stung. RAYANNE and RICKIE stand a little way off)

RAYANNE: (to RICKIE) That's coz he's got no friends to enjoy himself with. (laugh)

RICKIE: (laughs a little) Rayanne!

(BRIAN looks over to RAYANNE and RICKIE, sees them laughing, he's not sure what about.)

ANGELA: So, why are you here?

BRIAN: Public property. I mean, I was in the neighbourhood, so.

ANGELA: You weren't in the neighbourhood! You were at your house, you came here specifically.

BRIAN: Well, maybe. Maybe I did. I mean, one minute, you're, like, asking me to go someplace with you. And the next, you're, like, going off somewhere, as usual. How can anyone ever know, you know, where they stand with you.

ANGELA: Oh, and your method of acting like you're better than everyone makes people feel more comfortable, is that it?

BRIAN: Oh, look who's talking? You hardly ever talk to me anymore, even though we're, like, neighbours or whatever. And- and that whole thing with Sharon. So. You know. I think it's you who's acting, like, superior or whatever.

(JORDAN approaches from side)

JORDAN: Hey Brain. What are you doing here?

BRIAN (VO): I've come to be united with my true love, Angela Chase. Get out of my way!

BRIAN: Um. Uh. Nothing. Just. You know.

JORDAN: Oh, right. (to ANGELA) I'm going. D'you wanna lift?

ANGELA: Uh sure. What about Rayanne and Rickie, though?

JORDAN: (sigh) I suppose. Whatever. I'll get the car. (Exit)

BRIAN: What about me?

ANGELA: You got here somehow Krakow. Go back the same way.

BRIAN: Oh, great. Thanks Chase. That's what I call heartless.

ANGELA: So? (calls) Rayanne! Rickie! (beckons) Jordan's giving us a lift.

(JORDAN's car pulls round. ANGELA gets in front with JORDAN, RAYANNE and RICKIE climb in back)

JORDAN: (to BRIAN) Brain, you wanna lift?

BRIAN: Well, um, I mean..

JORDAN: I'm already gonna be driving all over town with them, (RAYANNE and RICKIE make 'how rude' faces to one another) so, if you want a ride.

BRIAN: Actually, I just live across the road from Angela so.

JORDAN: Cool. Get in. If you want.

(BRIAN gets in the back beside RAYANNE. JORDAN drives)

RAYANNE: Watch it Krakow!

(RAYANNE lies back against RICKIE and stretches her legs, pushing BRIAN into a corner of the car)

BRIAN: Excuse me, can I not have, like, your shoes on my trousers?

RAYANNE: Um, excuse me, can I not have, like, your voice in my ear?

BRIAN: Look at you! You're, like, crushing me. And Rickie.

RICKIE: I'm fine.

RAYANNE: Don't open your mouth Krakow. Coz crap comes out of it.

JORDAN: Quit it, you guys back there! (to RAYANNE) You, Graff, where do you live?

RAYANNE: Westlake street.

JORDAN: I'll drop you off first.

(RAYANNE makes a 'how rude' face at RICKIE. RICKIE giggles. RAYANNE looks up, sees BRIAN watching)

RAYANNE: Need something Krakow?

(ANGELA sighs deeply)


(JORDAN drops ANGELA and BRIAN off. Exit JORDAN)

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