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Chapter 21: jordans car

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The story so far

Chapter 21: jordans car

written by jillian

added on: 30 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

we cut to angela and jordan sitting in his car in front of the chases house both obviously at a lost for words

angela-(quietly)jordan this is really starting to scare me what if next time im alone.......the court date is coming up and i dont know if ill be able to face him

jordan looks over at her sympetheticaly and rests his hand on hers and looks into her eyes

jordan-youll never have to be alone with him angel here

angela faintly smiles at him he leans into kiss her on the cheek after they pull apart angela brings him into a long passionate kiss angela begins to lay down while jordan falls on top of her they brgin to make out so much that the windows fog up jordan breaks away and looks into her eyes.

angela-what is it

jordan- your so beautiful ..... i love you

angela looks up at him with tears in her eyes she sits up and throws her arms around jordan and nuzzels her head in his chest

angela-(comes out muffled)i love you to

jordan hugs her tightly while she begins to cry softly on his shoulder

jordan- angela.....shhh please dont cry..i hate it when you cry

angela- i felt so lonley like no one really cared

jordan- angela, i always cared

they both are quiet and they both begin to fall asleep in each others arms

*fade out*

cut to jordan slowly waking up with his arms around angela theres a sunrise out side he slietly brushes angelas cheek with the back of his hand which wakes her up she stares up at him and smiles he kisses her forhead and we fade out to them both holding each other

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