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Chapter 18: i wanted you to be my first

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Chapter 18: i wanted you to be my first

written by jillian

added on: 07 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

we cut to angela in her room where shes sitting at her window seat holding her knees to her chest with her head resting on her knees looking out the window theres a soft rain falling she crying softly to herself

theres a soft knock at the door then we see jordan walk in she looks up at him and jordan gives her a sympathetic smile

angela- hey(voice craking)

jordan (sadly) hey

jordan walks over and sits down next to her and puts his arm around her shoulder she rest her head on his shoulder

angela(still crying) im really sorry

jordan- angela you dont have to be sorryjoeys the one who made the mistake

angela- ya but i still shouldnt have been drinking i could like seriously kill him he took the only thing ivbeen saving from my child hood I WASNT READY(more angry then sad)

jordan-(crying softly) i hate him to angela dont worry he wont get away with this

angela- i really wanted you to be my first

angela and jordan start to cry softlythey hold each other for a few mins then he puls back and lovingly kissis her

jordan(sincirly)i love you angela

angela(smiling thru tears)i love you to

jordan(jokingly)so much it hurts to look at me ?

angela(embarressed)ow hahah(silently laughing)

jordan- i knew i could make you laugh

angela smiles at him and nuzzeles he head into his chest

angela(vo)wait where did he find that out!!!???

fade to black

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