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Chapter 21: He deserves to know!

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The story so far

Chapter 21: He deserves to know!

written by Britany

added on: 03 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO- Oh my god say something.

Angela just stands there and stares in his eyes.

Jordan- Angela...

Angela just says nothing and tries to hide the answer.

Jordan- Can we atleast like go somewhere and talk?

Angela just nods her head then walks away hoping he'll follow her

Angela VO- You are so stupid Angela. Its not that hard. Just tell him how you feel and hope he says it back. ha...yea thats it.

She stops outside under the bleachers and slowly turns around to see Jordan standing right behind her. Close enough to kiss her.

Jordan- An-ge-la...please.

Angela V0- Ok here I go...*slow breath* (outloud) Jordan...I, I, I mean I, ummm.

Jordan- Angela just say it. If its true than dont you think I deserve to know.

Angela- deserve to know. Im just... see its like...I took this test ya know.

Jordan- what? what does this have to do with a test? what the-

Angela- Jordan!!! Let me finish. God. I took this test and it was a love test and I needed to take it to help me figure who I really loved, you or Brian. It said you but then when I found that out it made me hate you because no matter what I will always love you. I will probably always forgive you no matter what you do! So in a way since I loved you so much that it made me hate you and not want to see you...atleast not for a while. I thought it made me over you. So I wanted to enjoy single life thats why I went to Lets Bolt with Rayanne and Rickie. We were celebrating. Ya know. Then after a while I started changing my mind about things because we were spending more time together. And I...I realized that I loved you not because of some stupid test. But because I knew it all along.(vo) wow...

Angela smiles and waits for Jordan's response. He's clearly thinking about all this and letting it sink in. A slow smile forms across his face.

Jordan- So your love me? Like say the whole thing.

Angela- What the hell?! I just said all that and its still not enough! God. But because I know it makes a difference... I love you.

Jordan- who? Who's you?

Jordan laughs and Angela laughs a little and hits his arm.

Angela- you know what I mean. I love Jordan Catalano. I have since the moment I saw him.

She then kisses him softly and the camera pans in on just their 2 faces.

Jordan- I love you too.

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