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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 20: Telling it all

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Chapter 20: Telling it all

written by Britany

added on: 02 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela is laying in her bed with her eyes closed. She's wearing the same thing from the night before and you can clearly see that she's been crying all night.

Angela VO- I cant just go to school today. I mean how can I face him and just keep going? I love him but I cant tell him that.

voice- Angela its 7:15! If you want a ride you need to be ready in 20 minutes!

Angela VO- *fustrated groan* This is gonna be like the worst day of my life.

With this Angela gets up and you see her go in the bathroom. When the door shuts it cuts to Patty downstairs with Graham.

Graham- so what are you saying Patty?

Patty- I dont know. But something is clearly wrong with her. I couldnt sleep because I could hear her crying all night long. Muffled tears Graham!!!

Graham- Im sure she'll tell us if it's really that bad Patty. I worry about her too but I try to respect her privacy.

Patty- fine.

cut to Angela sitting in front of her mirror with her hair dripping wet and she has on jeans and a t-shirt with an old flannel. You can seriously tell she feels bad. She puts on some make-up then with a deep sigh of ditress she makes her way downstairs. The screen cuts to Angela and Patty pulling up at the school.

Patty- ok Angela. Well have a good day honey. ok? And just know that I love you. If anything is wrong please tell me.

Angela VO- God why does life have to be so like hard. I just want to get to class as quickly as I possibly can. (outloud) Thanx mom. I'll be fine. Dont worry.

She gets out of the car with her hair half dry now and she looks surprisind beautiful and natural through all of her misery. She walks through the front door of the school and straight to her locker. She see's a group of people a little further down right a cross the hallway which look like Jordan and his friends.

Angela VO- Oh god. Here I go.

Angela walks closer and closer hoping he wont see her long glances filled with longing. When she gets a few steps away Rayanne and Rickie reach her. Talk about lucky.

Rayanne- Hey Angelika. How's it goin? You look like your goin back to your old style...a little.

Angela just gives Rayanne a small smile trying to hide her true pain. It obviously doesnt work because both Rayanne and Rickie can tell.

Rickie- What happened? Did you 2 break up again?

Angela- What?! We never got back together! Dont you think I wouldve told you if we got back together? Rayanne did you not tell him about the test and everything?

Rayanne (shocked now with all eyes on her)- What...I, I thought you told him. I mean really. Dont turn this on me. And what did happen?

Angela- *sigh* I kissed him.

Rayanne and Rickie- what?!

Angela- yea I kissed him and...and then...then I told him to go out with some girl.

Rayanne and Rickie- What?!

Angela- yea and then I sat in the loft and cried until he came back.

Rayanne and Rickie- WHAT?!!!

Angela- yea!!! geez would you stop with the whats. God.

Rayanne- sorry...go on

Angela- ok he came back and asked me if I needed a ride and I said yea. Then he kissed me again and I pushed him away.

Rayanne- thats a first!

Rickie- SHUT UP!!! Go ahead Angela.

Angela- thank you. and and then...he said we couldnt be friends and then I said...

While Angela is saying this Jordan see's her and starts to walk towards them. And when he finally reaches her he hears her last words.

Angela(now crying)- ...then I spent all night crying and thinking about it because I love him!

Jordan stands with tears welled up in his eyes. Then slowly reaches out to touch her.

Jordan- An-ge-la...

Angela VO- Oh my god this has to be a dream. This cant be happening.

She slowly turns around, wiping tears from her eyes and cheeks.

Angela- hi.

Jordan- Do you really mean that?

Looks straight into her eyes.

Jordan- Because I really dont understand what you want or mean anymore. You say one thing but your actions are completely different.

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Rayanne Graff, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"