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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 33: "i wanna do whats right by you"

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The story so far

Chapter 33: "i wanna do whats right by you"

written by lil

added on: 11 Apr 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(sound of lockers slamming, and idle student chatter)
RG: what is the big deal, it's like sex, ppl do it everyday, your parents do it
AC: God...rayanne
RG: what...i do it, even sharon does it
SC:thanks....but seriously angela, i mean, you like him, and you should really like just do it, you never know
you might just like it( sharon smiles in an enigmatic way)
RG: like totally, i mean, come on, it's not like algebra or anything....(she laughs at her own joke, angela does not)
AC(frowning): rayanne, as i have said like so many times before, it is not that simpe, jordan has been with so many girls, and it's like almost impossible for me to measure up or whatever...
SC: he's not asking you to "Measure up" jeez's not like a contest, he's going out with you because he likes you, and sex is like his way of expressing it....all the girls he's ben with before have been like total whores...
( rayanne looks uncomfortable, angela glares meaningfully at sharon)
SC:well...not all of them...i mean, (she looks at Rayanne)...i didn't mean you or anything..
RG: hey, thats cool, its not like i'm the virgin mary or (there is an awkward silence0
AC: and it's not only jordan i have to contend with....brian krackow is like always bugging me, i mean, what did i ever do to really do to him...
(RG and SC exchange meaningful glances)
RG: like um...
SC: nothing...forget it
AC: fine....
ACvo: i don't get sharon and's like they both wanna take care of me or something, which i like get about sharon....but rayanne....she can like barely stay sober, so she has like no right to lecture me....
SC: chase....look, just do what you want...go with the flow and it'll like totally feel right...anyway...i gotta go, i'm gonna be late for homeroom
RG: oh my gosh..angelika, i like totally forgot to tell you...tino is having this like reunion for residue only they're gonna be called shattered reflections or
don't ask me....but like they want me to be the singer again
which is like really cool, i told amber and she's like totally jazzed.
AC: great....but um, wait, jordan didn't tell me.....
(the bell for homeroom rings)
RG: maybe he forgot or something...i don'know
AC: yeah.....maybe
(jordan walks up and hands angela her sweater)
RG: well.....i see ya later chase
JC: are you coming to homeroom....
AC: yeah...
JC: angela...i just wanna tell you. i'm sorry about yesterday, and i really wanna be with you....i mean not like for sex, but know...jeez, i'm so bad with words
AC: no it's ok, i know....
JC:(smiling) cool
AC: and i don't think ...i mean(she blushes)...that we shouldn't like wait that long, i thought about it alot last night, and i think i'm like.....ready, or whatever
JC: (smiling) whatever you want, just as long as you know how much i'm in to you, and like i wanna do whats right, even if it means we have to wait or whatever...
( he takes her hand and the go in to class)

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