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Chapter 21: Strangers

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The story so far

Chapter 21: Strangers

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Ricky - Hey Angela! Wait up!

Angela stops walking, realising it is Ricky shouting after them now. She looks relieved. Jordan, on the other hand, seems anxious to leave.

Ricky - Hey, what happened back there? Brian looked really upset.
Angela - He, ummm, kinda walked in on me, and, umm, Jordan..
Ricky - You and Jordan?.......I thought you were seeing Brian?... I thought you liked Brian!?

Angela looks stunned at the way Ricky is sticking up for Brian

Ricky - What did Brian ever do to hurt you? You knew he had a crush on you! You'd prefer Jordan to Brian - i mean i know the whole attraction thing is in his favour, but Brian wouldn't do the stuff HE (looking at Jordan) has to you!
Angela - Ricky! What is this? Why are you sticking up for Brian?
Ricky - I just don't like to see my friends unhappy!
Angela - So, like, i'm not your friend anymore or something?

Before Ricky says anything else we see Angela's famous chin wobble and Jordan takes her hand again and they walk out to his car.
Ricky is left standing in the doorway of liberty high, Brian is coming up behind him along with Rayanne and Sharon.
Angela looks back to the doors before getting into the car.

Angela VO - you when you feel like a stranger looking in on something, i mean you're there but not THERE? What Ricky just said made me feel so far away from every one of my friends.

Jordan - So, umm, are you like, really gonna cut school?
Angela - well, where are we going?
Jordan We could go to you're house?
Angela - Yeah right! and when my parents come home i'll explain why i'm ditching school!
Jordan - We could, like, go to my house or whatever, but only if you want to... or the loft...

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    Chapter 22: Left Behind by anonymous author (10 Nov 1999)
    4 more subchapters.
  2. They go to Jordan's house:
    Chapter 22: Revelations by anonymous author (10 Nov 1999)
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