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Chapter 7: A different way of chemistry

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Chapter 7: A different way of chemistry

written by Nieske

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Graham comes running out of the restaurant.
Graham: What is happening over here? I heard shouting and...
Jordan: (angry, dirty look towards guys who attacked Brian) Nothing. Let's go inside.
Inside the restaurant. Brian, Jordan, Graham and Hallie are sitting at a table.
Jordan: I'm really sorry about these guys.
Brian: It's okay. I mean, they just thought I was gonna break into your car, or something.
Hallie: Yeah, right. You really look like a burglar. (laughs) You know, I really think you would have grabbed the car radio with your coat, accidentally. (they all laugh)
Jordan: So, you wanna go back to school, or...
Brian: Well... (looks at his watch) I think I can just make it to the last 10 minutes of English.
Jordan: That's your last period, isn't it?
Graham: I'd better take you home then.
Brian: My parents are both at work, so...
Graham: You can stay at our house. Angela will be home in, about, 20 minutes.
Later, at the Chase's. Brian is sitting on the couch, wearing one of Graham's shirts, because his is ripped. His face and arms are bruised and he holds a bag with ice up against his temple. Angela comes in.
Angela: Hi! Oh, hi Brian. (he turns around and she sees his face) Oh my god! (shocked) What happened to you?
She sits down next to him on the couch.
Brian: I was trying to get my coat out of Jordan's car and some guys just, like, attacked me.
Angela: (still very shocked) Oh god. Are you okay?
Brian: Well, yeah. Kinda.
Angela: Are you sure? You want me to get something to eat, or a drink or something?
Brian: Well, I would like a glass of water.
Angela gets up and goes to the kitchen. She finally seems to calm down a little.
Angela: But how did you come here?
Brian: Your dad gave me a ride. Unfortunately he had to go back to the restaurant right away.
Angela: (comes to the couch again, with 2 glasses of water) I see. And my mom isn't home either, so... (she sits down) How long have you been sitting here? Not too long, I hope?
Brian: No, just about 5 minutes, or something.
Angela: Okay. (pause) I'm glad you're okay. I mean, things could have been worse.
Brian: Maybe.
Angela: You could have had, like, a concussion, or a broken arm or something.
Brian: Well, it was not *that* bad. I mean, I got away very quickly.
Angela: Yeah. But you always seem so... I don't know. (smiles) Fragile. Or something.
Brian: (smiles) I guess so. (pause, they look at eachother) I'm happy you're there. I mean, what should I do without you?
Angela: Well, at this moment, sitting home, alone, I guess... And not having someone who is bothering you. (they laugh)
Brian: No, seriously. I care a lot about you. But... I guess you already know that...
Angela: Brian. I know. And I'm happy for it. I just don't know if I... I mean... It's just so hard.
Brian: That's okay. I guess other people, like, love a pop artist or something. But they know they'll never get them. And in that way I love you. Or something.
Angela: But sometimes people *do* get a relationship with them. The pop artists, I mean. Just normal people.
Brian: I guess.
And at that moment there certainly is some sort of chemistry between them. They look at eachother very long.
Angela (VO): I suddenly realized I was, like, waiting for him to kiss me. Like I did with Jordan. I mean, Jordan was always, like, in charge, or something. And I realized I didn't want something like that anymore.

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