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Chapter 2: The Bump

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Chapter 2: The Bump

written by Purecookie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Rickie and Angela are in the girls bathroom, Rickie is aplying mascara and Angela is leaning to the wall)
This is ridiculous, right?
Umm, right. (takes a pause) What is?
Like the fact that Id been trying to avoid Brian Krakow like a disease for ages. Like the fact that Id been helplessly in love with Jordan Catalano for well, ages. Only longing for some love from him. And now that Id got it, I didnt want it. (takes a pause) actually I didnt know what I wanted. The worst part was that I was kind of angry at them both.
You know. Everything.
Come on, you and Jordan are like the happiest couple I know. Youre a lucky girl.
(Angela turns to Rickie, confused)
I-I mean not lucky. Not completely. But you (softly) Atleast you know there are two guys who both
Love me?
love you. (puts the mascara into his bag) But im not saying its easy. Because I really dont know.
Its hard, believe me. How ever I choose, the other one gets hurt. And I dont know which one I want to hurt more. (notices what she said, quickly) I mean, uh, I dont know which one I love more.
(sympathetically) Tough.
Uh-huh We better go.
Right. (Rayanne storms in, doesnt notice them) Oh my god (the girls (I mean Angela and Rayanne now!=) bump into each other and both stagger. Rickie quickly grabs Angela but Rayanne stumbles to the floor)
Rickie: Oh my god
(Angela looks horrified)

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  2. Angela stays:
    Chapter 3: The smoke by anonymous author (10 Nov 1999)
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