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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 10: quiet conversation

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Chapter 10: quiet conversation

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

note: spelling differs in Australia

sitting quietly for a while, looking at the sky.

Brian: feels like old times. almost.

Angela: yeah, almost.VO: but I never remember it quite like *this* but if it were old times, your sister would be,like, cleaning up some wound of yours.

Brian:(smiles)I was kind of clumsy

Angela: *was*? *kind of*? you're the only kid I knew that had a first aid box attached to your bicycle.

Brian: shut up! Don't forget who taught you to ride a bike.

Angela: I knew how to ride a bike. I was just humouring you.

Brian: what?! you knew? you already knew?

(Angela just smiles.)
the sun starts to lower

Angela:(smiling) goodbye sun. oh, wow, the sky is all purple and pink. God. (rests her head in her hands and watches the sky)I heard that the sun gives out Lithium, you know that gas or drug, or something, to like, help depression.

Brian: you're my lithium.
(Angela stops looking at the sky, and slowly faces Brian)

Angela: Brian?

Brian: You know, I can't help but feel, some sort of, of... satisfaction. you know, whenever you call me Brian, and not Krakow. (edges towards her) It's almost, intimate.

Angela places a hand on the ground towards Brian, leaning close. Brian VO: God, no one could *ever* smell like Angela Chase Brian closes his eyes, and leans over, and kisses her. Angela lifts her other hand to play with his hair, and Brian cups her cheek with his palm.

The street lights turn on, and they pull away, regretfully. They look at each other, and smile shyly. Brian reaches over for her hand, and they for a while, not talking.

Patty's car starts to come down the street.

Brian: I guess I'll go now. See you on the bus?

Angela: yeah, I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Brian walks backwards to his house, looking over at her. He finally hits the curb with his foot, does a slight wave and goes into his house.

Angela VO: this all happened right? this was real? Am I falling for *Brian Krakow*?

Patty pulls in.

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