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Chapter 23: Loss

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The story so far

Chapter 23: Loss

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan - I didn't get anyone pregnant ok?
Angela - I...I...i didn't think that
Jordan - Of course you did! Jesus, Angela, i'm not that stupid!
Angela - You don't have to tell me
Jordan - I want to tell you...I don't want there to be any, like, secrets between us

Angela VO - He keeps telling me stuff that,like, I know is going to hurt..

Jordan - I did sleep with this girl....and she did, like, you know, get pregnant and all...but we did tests and it like, wasn't mine.

Angela VO - Is that it? No child to pop up sometime when i think i finally know him?

Jordan - So...
Angela - Yeah...
Jordan - Now you don't have to like keep going over what my old man said, like analysing it or something...
Angela - I don't....
Jordan - Oh come on Angela - what did you tell me your new years resolution was?

Angela VO - He remembered that? Wow,it's like playing pass the package, i get more, more excited when i get to unwrap another layer - is this why i keep going back? is this why i let him tell me things that hurt?

Angela looks up at Jordan and then looks around the room. The only furniture is the bed she is sitting on a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. His guitar and amp are in the corner and a photo is on the chest. It is of a 12 year old Jordan and a woman - presumably his mom.

Angela - Is that your mom?
Jordan - Yeah....
Angela - Do you see her much?
Jordan - She's dead.

Angela VO - oh....What am i supposed to say?

Angela - How come you never talk about her?
Jordan - Why? I mean, whats the point? You didn't know her.
Angela - How did she die?
Jordan - Car crash. After that photo was taken...
Angela - Why...
Jordan - Look! I don't want to talk about it OK?

Angela's lip starts to quiver

Angela VO - God, it must be awful, i mean, i keep going on about how my mom bugs the hell out of me...but, i mean, what would i do without her? Without a mom?

Jordan - I'm sorry... for like, shouting..
Angela - It's ok, i understand.
Jordan - It's not ok Angela - you're going to cry...I didn't mean to make you cry...
Angela - (tears on her cheeks) I'm ok - it's just, i started thinking about my mom...

There is a silence and Jordan puts his arm around Angela and she leans on his shoulder.

Angela - Is that why your dad is like that?
Jordan - Yeah, i mean, i try to like understand whats going on with him - i mean, mom was everything to him, and then she was like, gone. But he makes so mad when he's drunk...

Tom - (out of sight) Jordan? Hey Jordan?
Jordan - What?
Tom - More of your friends are here...
Jordan - Tino? Shane?
Tom - No, i never seen these before...they's pretty anxious to know if you and Angela are here - one of the guys is wearing make up.
Angela - Ricki?

They go downstairs and see Brian, Ricki, Rayanne and Sharon standing at the front door...

Angela - What are you guys doing here?

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