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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 30: it's not that simple

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The story so far

Chapter 30: it's not that simple

written by lily

added on: 11 Apr 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

AC: look Jordan, I told you before, like how many times....
it's just not that simple, you can't just like bring me here and expect me to have sex with you just because we're in your house.....or whatever.
JC: jeez....(sighs) everything is like always so complicated with you, like nothing i ever do is right
ACvo: i'm complicated...that is just like so laughable, why doesn't he get it....i don't wanna be just like some girl to him..
AC: in my oppinion, there's like way more to a relationship that just sex, and i'm not like you.....i mean....i can't explain it...i don't wanna be just some other lay to you.....ok?
JC: i get it......i mean like whatever....i don't wanna fight with you about it...i get enough of that from my dad......ok.
AC: I know.....i'm sorry.....ok?
and it'snot like i don't want to....but just not right this minute....ok?
JC: whatever....
(they both stare in silence at the floor...angela breaks the silence)
AC:'m gonna go....i'll see you tomorrow
JC:I'll give you a ride
(they get up and cross Jordans room, and go downstairs, at the foot of the stairs he stops and kisses her)
JC: sorry....
AC:'s ok....lets just talk about it tomorrow,ok?
JC: ok.....

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