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Chapter 9: i kind of am ... a coward

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Chapter 9: i kind of am ... a coward

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Brian are still looking at each other, when the door bursts open. Brian looks at the ground, as if he remembers his position in the world, Angela too seems to remember that this is *Brian Krakow*.

Danielle: You can't believe what Ryan did... to me! God! I *hate* boys. (notices Brian) oh hi *Brian*(Danielle sexy voice) I mean, immature boys.

Brian: I should go
Angela: oh... okay
Brian: I'll see you on the bus?
Angela: yeah... sure, see ya

both get up and move to the door. Danielle goes upstairs. They linger at the doorway, as if they were forgetting something or remembering something, they're not quite sure.
With this feeling, Brian, forgets who he supposedly is.

Brian: No wait, we were talking. I don't want to run away, from conversations anymore. I'm like, sick of it.
Angela:(smiles)yeah? you gonna talk in straight sentences from now on?
Brian:(smiles, but is serious) yeah,I'm going to at least try (looks at her, directly, and doesn't fade away)

Angela closes the door behind her and they sit on the steps.

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