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Chapter 29: In the car

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The story so far

Chapter 29: In the car

written by Jody

added on: 12 Dec 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan and the girl are in his car. The keys are not
even in the ignition and yet he holds the steering wheel
in a tight grip. The girl is looking around the car so as
not to feel stupid as she just waits for him to decide to
acknowledge her. Eventually she takes out a compact
and busies herself with that. Her movement distracts
Jordan from his thoughts and he studies her form the
corner of his eye. In the next moment he is leaning over
ad kissing her. it surprises her but she does not pull
away. Eventually he pulls back and returns to his side
of the car. She looks at him and laughs before turning
her attention out the car window. Best not to be too
Girl: You should have just let it go.
J: Huh?
Girl: You should have left, staying only made it worse. It
only showed her that you care. ... Unless, that's what
you wanted. She steals a look at him Which I doubt.
J: What do you know.
G: I'm just saying what I saw.
Jordan looks around the car, staring out the
windshield, sighing as he lights a cigarette. Slowly he
exhales and looks over at the passenger seat.
J: Coldly he says What are you still doing here?
G: She looks at him hard I'm not. She opens the car
door and steps out

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