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Chapter 24: Life gets Simple

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The story so far

Chapter 24: Life gets Simple

written by Huie

added on: 05 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Two Weeks Later

Angela VO- So the thing is, nothing has changed in my life.

The camera pans to a close up of Angela walking down a Liberty hallway.

Angela VO-I'm still holding hands with Brian.

The camera zooms out to show Brian holding Angela's hand.

Angela VO-I'm still making out with Joey.

Joey comes turns down her hallway. She quickly lets go of Brian and does a hair tuck. Joey looks at her and smiles. His eyes then move to the basement door that leads to the broiler room. She smiles back at him and does a faint nod, accepting his offer. Brian doesn't notice this exchange.

Angela VO- And I'm still trying to make Jordan jealous.

Joey opens the basement door and disappears into it, while Jordan walks down the hallway, towards Angela, pretending he doesn't see her. When she notices him she quickly grabs Brian's hand again. After Jordan leaves( He is obviously annoyed yet trying to hide it), she lets Brian's hand go again.

Angela- Hey, Brian? I have to go, um study. In the Library. Abyssinia and me... that's all. Ok?

Brian- I have this period free too. I could come and help, you know? (He smiles at her)

Angela-(Quickly) Thanks, but she kinda wants to also talk to me, like alone, (thinking) like about... her period.

Brian-(Brian backs up, nervous) Oh, yeah ok, bye. (He leaves quickly)

The bell rings, and the hallway quickly empties.

Angela VO-(Smiles to herself, and laughs quietly) I am like the sickest person... here I am laughing, while I lead Brian on, use Joey, when all I really want to do is be with Jordan.

She deeply sighs, looks to see if anyone is around, and walks to the basement door. She opens it and disappears into it.

Later After School- Joey's apartment

Angela and Joey are lying on his sofa, heavily making out. Joey is on top of her. Angela is stroking his back while he is feeling her upper thigh. Shane is on the floor playing a videogame, obviously used to this situation.

Shane- (not looking away from the TV) Why do you guys even invite me all the time?

Angela begins to kiss Joey's neck while he reaches to the table to grab a empty beer can. He throws it at Shane.

Joey- Go find somethin to do then.

Shane- (Rubbing his head) Fine... I can take a hint.

Joey doesn't hear him, and goes back to making out with Angela. Shane gets up and makes his way to the kitchen.

After 10 minutes of heavy making out, Angela breaks away.

Angela- I shouldn't be doing this.

Joey- Why?

Angela- Because, because, Brian thinks we're going out, and...

Joey-(Moving closer to her- nose to nose) Then tell him you aren't. And (slowly) that you found someone new.

Angela- (Confused) What are you saying?

Joey-I'm saying that we already make out. And that I think your cool, and I like you. Sooo...

Angela- So youre saying that you want me to be your girlfriend?

Joey- Well... I guess I am. (Thinks) I actually never had a girlfriend before.

Angela looks shocked.

Joey- No, I mean I have had girls, but not the friend part with it.

Angela-(Angela's face relaxes, she then thinks) You know, I like, I'm like, I'm not going to give you sex... you know. So if youre tryin to get in my pants or somethin, it isn't going to work.

Joey- No, no. I can wait, you know. I can wait (trying to reassure himself) I can wait.

Shane-(yelling from the kitchen) Man, that didn't sound too convincing.

Joey-(Yelling back) Shut up man, I can. (to Angela) I can, I promise.

Angela- (unsure) Okay.

Joey- (Smiles) Okay.

He than leans in to kiss her again.

The scene fades to

Later that night
At Angela's house- Shane's car

Shane- So this is going to happen, between you and Joey?

Angela-(Smiles- embarrassed) I guess.

Shane- Geez, what do you do to these guys?

Angela- (Hurt by that) What do you mean?

Shane- (Sees she is upset) No, no. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. It's just... I mean you turn these party animal, new girl every night guys into (stops), into relationship guys.


Shane- What I mean is... I mean they obviously don't just want you for sex, because you obviously don't go there.

Angela looks down in embarrassment.

Shane- (Smiles)It kinda makes me want you too.

He scoots closer to her.

Angela- (Laughs)Oh ok Shane now I will make out with you too... is that what you want to hear?

Shane-(Moves back, and laughs) Hey, it was worth a try.

Angela- How about, one of these. (She moves towards him, and kisses his cheek)

Shane-(Jokingly he strokes his cheek) I'm never going to wash it again. I already feel your powers working...

Angela- (Playfully hits him) Oh shut up!

Shane- Angela, you are the only girl that exists on the planet, I can't be apart from you ever again. Please, just another kiss?

Angela- (Crazy laugh) I guess. (She moves in to kiss his other cheek, as she is going to, he moves his face so she kisses him directly on the lips. She brakes away quickly.)

Angela- (playfully hits him again) You jerk.

Shane can only shrug with a mischievous grin.

Angela- (Curious) So... how was it?

Shane- Honestly...

Angela- Oh shut up.

She begins to get out of the car with a huge smile on her face. Shane grabs her arm which makes her turn around.

Shane- (Seriously) You have the softest and sweetest lips I ever tasted.

Angela- Go home Shane.

Shane- Im totally being serious.

Angela- I know.

She turns around to head to her house with a proud faint half grin on her face. Shane turns his engine and begins to pull away. Angela turns around to politely wave him good-bye.

Angela- (Calls) Bye Shane and thanks I guess.

Shane- (Calling back) Good-bye to you, my true love, Angela

He then pulls away and leaves Angela with a big grin on her face. She turns to go into her house, and finds Brian waiting on her porch for her.

Brian- What was that about?

Angela- (Shocked) What are you talking about?

Brian-You guys, why did he drop you off, and why did you kiss him, and why did he call you his true loveAngela?

Angela- (Overly happy) God, you really didnt wait anytime. (Pause) Ok, here it goes. He dropped me off because I needed a lift, I didnt kiss him, he kissed me, and he called me his true love cause I am his true love. (She smiles)

Brian- What the hell are you talking about, are you drunk?

Angela- (Laughs) Im not drunk. (Serious) No seriously, I only drank a little. Im just happy.

Brian- Why?

Angela- Because my life has found a way to get simple.

Brian- And how did this happen with Shane?

Angela- No.

Brian relaxes.

Angela- With Joey.

Brian- (Eyes widen.) What?

Angela- (Beginning to explain) Brian, I cant be with you and you know it.

Brian looks down, realizing what she is saying is true.

Angela- And I cant be with Jordan, and I know that.

Brian- (Shocked) You dont want to be with Jordan?

Angela- I said I cant those are two different things.

Brian- (Stung) Sorry Angela God.

Angela- Brian we cant pick who to love.

Brian- (Quietly) Trust me, I know.

Angela- So go find a way to make your life simple.

Brian- What do you mean go find someone to lo-

Angela- Like. I dont love Joey I like him. Just try to have fun, thats what Im trying to do. It is working out ok for me.

Brian- (Monotone) Im happy for you.

Angela- Now, let me be happy for you. Go make me proud Krakow or at least jealous.

Brian- You would be jealous.

Angela- Just because I love Jordan, doesnt mean I wont be jealous of any girl you replace me with.

Brian- Well, good Im glad.

Angela- Me too.

With this Brian slowly gets up and walks to his house. Angela does the same.

Fade to black.

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