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Chapter 25: Life- As Simple as it seems?

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The story so far

Chapter 25: Life- As Simple as it seems?

written by Huie

added on: 25 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Liberty High Hallway- One week later

Angela VO- So, my life has totally changed.

Close up on Angela smiling

Angela- Instead of Brian's hand, I hold Joey's.

Pan out to show Joey holding Angela's hand. He leans into to her while their walking and whispers something that makes her giggle in embarrassment.

Angela VO- And, now, Brian and I are friends.

Brian come down the hallway.

Angela VO- And not the awkward kind... like before.

Angela waves at him. He nods nervously as he passes the couple.

Angela vo- So, it was *still* a little awkward, but we're working on it.

Angela rolls her eyes at him and smiles.

Angela- But, no matter how much my life *has* changed, something never does.

Angela spots Jordan walking down the hallway, coming towards the couple.

Angela vo- I still want Jordan Catalano.

Jordan stares down at Angela and Joey's hands. He than looks at Angela breifly before he looks away. Angela's smile fades, and she looks down. While Angela isn't looking, Jordan looks back over at the couple, his eyes focused this time on Joey. They stare each other down. Joey, making sure Jordan is watching, moves into Angela, and starts kissing her neck hard and passionate. Angela, not knowing that Jordan is there, begins to giggle, her face becoming red. Joey stops and looks back at Jordan, who looks pissed. Joey raises his eyebrows. Jordan just shakes his head, and hurries down the hallway.

Cut to- Girls Bathroom. Rayanne's doing her make-up while talking to Angela.

Rayanne- (Through the mirror) You and Joey?

Angela- Me and Joey?

Rayanne- *You* and Joey?

Angela- Yeah... what?

Rayanne- (Going back to doing her make-up) I don't know, it screams rebound.

Angela- Over Brian?

Rayanne- No... Jordan.

Angela- (Laughs- sarcastic) Oh, okay.

Rayanne- No, I mean it. I mean, obviously Brian was totally a rebound to Jordan. I mean, they are from opposite sides of the spectrum. But this, this is for revenge.

Angela- Revenge?

Rayanne- Yeah, going out with his friend. That's, not to bring this up, but that's exactly why he did what he did with me.

Angela- Let's not talk about th- wait... what did you say?

Rayanne- I said that you're using Joey as revenge.

Angela- No, about him doing *it* with you... why did he?

Rayanne- You mean it wasn't obvious to you?

Angela- What's obvious?

Rayanne- (Laughs) He slept with me to get back at you! Before we *did it* he was practically moaning for you. He kept going on about how innocent you were, and he asked if you like Corey. I remember something that kinda stuck out to me... I remembered this more than anything. I told him that I was drunk... and (trying to remember) and he said that he was too... but not enough. (Stops) Not enough Angela... not enough to erase the pain you left him with. (eyes begin to swell) He really cared for you.

Angela- (Eyes welled up) I guess.

She looks down, and then leaves the bathroom

Rayanne- (To herself) You go get that boy, Angelika.

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