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Chapter 22: Hanging with Shane and Joey!

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The story so far

Chapter 22: Hanging with Shane and Joey!

written by Dazzler

added on: 12 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela stares out of Shane's Car window, thinking about what he just told her.

Angela VO: Alright, everything is more out of control than I thought. Nothing is making much sense, and the idea of hanging out with Jordan Catalano's friends is out of the question, but here I am, in Shane's care, going to Joey's house.

Shane and Angela don't say anything for the rest of the drive.

They arrive at an Apartment complex a few minutes later. Shane and Angela get out of the car and go to the building. When they get to the enterance, Shane punches a buzzer, to let Joey know he's there.

Joey (Over the intercome): Who is it?

Shane: Shane.

Joey: Come up.

Shane: (Turns to Angela) Come on. (He opens the Building door for her.)

Angela nods and goes through the door, waits for Shane to enter, and follows him up the stairs to the 5th floor. They arrive at Apt 27 and Shane knocks on the door.

Joey: Yeah come in.

Shane goes in first and Angela goes behind him. She closes the door, a bit timid at being at someone's house she didn't know. The apartment is decent, looking like a man's place, being that the walls were painted blue, and the only decroations were pictures of cars and bands. The only furniture included a TV, a home system, a worn couch, and a glass coffee table.

Joey is sitting on the couch, using the remote control to switch the song on the CD player. He changes the song to Kid Rock's "American Bad ***" , the music fills the room from the huge speakers.

Shane joins Joey on the couch, and seems to be explaining the situation to Joey. Joey looks Angela then.

Joey: Hey.

Angela: Hey.

Joey goes back to talking to Shane, and Angela leans against the wall.

Angela VO: It's so weird to see someone else's Apartment, someone you hardly know. It makes you feel like an intruder, since a place can say so much about a person, it makes you wonder if that is how a person really is.

Shane: So Angela...(Gets up) you wanna sit down?(Gestures to where he was sitting, before sitting down on the floor)

Angela: Um...ok (walks over to the couch, and sits down)

Joey: Wanna a beer? (He offers to both of them)

Shane: Sure man.

Angela: (Hair tuck) Uh...yeah I guess.

Joey gets up and goes into the kitchen.

Shane: So what's going on between you and Catalano?

Angela: Long story.

Joey comes back with a few cans of cold beer, and hands one to Shane and one to Angela before sitting back down on the couch.

Shane: (Opens his beer) You have to be like...the first girl he ever cared about.

Joey: (Taking a drink of his beer) No kidding, I never saw him hold any girls hand, but you.

Angela: (Opens her beer, raising her eyebrows) Really?

Joey: Yup.

Angela: (Sipping her beer) You mean you guys didn't care who he dated?

Shane: Not really, it didn't matter to us who he screwed or didn't.

Joey: Were guys, what do you expect?

Angela slams her beer, pissed with how Jordan first treated her, knowing his friends didn't care.

Joey: Hey, take it easy.

Shane: Let her drink.

Joey: (Shrugs and goes to get more beer) Whatever.

Angela: (Finsihes her can and makes a face) Yuck, tastes terrible.

Shane: (Chuckles) It's Bud Light.

Joey comes back with more cans, and they continue to drink, with Shane and Angela getting drunk, and Joey whose buzzed. They listen to music and continue to talk, about Jordan and their band.

An hour later -

They are listen to The Crow Soundtrack, Violent Femmes "Color Me Once" is playing, the mood in the room is very mellow, Shane is passed out of the floor, and Angela is laying Joey's lap. Joey is smoking a cigarette, rocking his head lightly to the music.

Color me once,
Color me twice,
Everything gonna turn out nice.
Everlasting love, you gotta keep me from these false alarms
Alarm, alarm I seem so sad.
Ring, ring I see her I'm glad.
Maybe, maybe the fire of her desire
Patience, patience said the man,
Patience, patience, I can't understand.
Patience like a man and a wife.
I got patience on my neck like a coco that.
I say, Jack be nimble, Jack fall dead,
Jack bend over and give Jilly head.
Oh, you gotta help my body heal my soul.

Angela looks up at him, her eyes glazed from the alcohol, she smiles faintly, noticing how cute he looks at the moment.

Angela: (Slurry voice) I had no idea you guys could be this nice.

Joey: (Looks down at her) I had no idea you were this cool.

Angela: I can't be with Brian....and Jordan....I don't know.... (Her voice trails off and she closes her eyes)

Joey: (Touchs her cheek, putting his half finished cigarette into the ash tray) Jordan didn't know a good thing when he had it...

Angela: (Sits up, staring at Joey) You think so?

Joey: (Nods lighty, slowly leaning toward her, until they are face to face) Yeah.

Angela places her hands on his shoulders, trying push him away, but fails as his lips claim hers.

A close up as she hesitates at first, then wraps her arms around his neck as he pulls her into his arms.

The scene pans down the still burning cigarette with rest of the song.....

Dead men working, a sinner, a saint.
Mixing up a pail of paint.
Painted the house, black as night,
When the sun came up the house was white.
Gotta go on,
gotta go on,
we gotta go on,
you gotta go on,
we gotta go on


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