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Chapter 28: One Crowded Broiler Room!

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The story so far

Chapter 28: One Crowded Broiler Room!

written by Huie

added on: 23 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

A week Later- Broiler room

The scene takes place in a different part of the Broiler room- this wasn't the "normal" broiler room spot. This spot is closer to all the pipes- also, it is much more grimmer.

Angela VO- My life should be good. It really should feel good. I mean, I have everything I need. I have my best friend back, Brian and I are cool, and I have a boyfriend... that doesn't pressure me into having sex with him.

Joey- So, you're still not ready?

Angela VO- Okay... he doesn't pressure me all *that* much.

Angela- Just shut-up okay... you're ruining the moment.

Joey- Wait, we're having a moment?

Angela laughs at him, and begins to make out with him again. The broiler room door can be heard, followed by foot-steps. Angela breaks the "make-out" session to see who is there. She quickly starts it up again when she sees a piece of brown corduroy.

Joey- (Breaking the kiss) Dude, Angela, let's see who's here first... it could be Foster...

His question is quickly answered as Jordan and a girl walk through the pipes to where Joey and Angela are.

Girl- Oh, we're sorry...

She pulls on Jordan's shirt to go. Jordan just stands there, watching Angela.

Angela- So go.

Finally, Jordan snaps out of it by the tone of Angela's comment.

Jordan- Wait a minute... (Pulls the girl back) we can stay if we want to...

Angela- Well, we were *here* first.

Seeing Jordan with a different girl, makes Joey believe that he and Jordan are cool now. He is happy that Jordan is back to his ways, and feels like he shouldn't take away from the opportunity that Jordan has with this girl.

Joey- Well, I guess there is plenty of room.

Angela- Joey! (She lightly pushes him)

Joey- Well, there is!

Angela- Don't you want to be alone.

Jordan- Well, if *you* guys can't handle it then...

Angela- (Turns from Joey to Jordan- narrow-eyed) What is *that* supposed to mean?

Girl- Jordan... let's just go, com-

Jordan- (Cutting her off) No.

He finds a pipe a little further down, and sits on it. The pipe is located directly across from where Joey and Angela are.

Angela- Fine.

She turns back to Joey, and kisses him hard. Not able to watch, Jordan takes the girl, and does the same thing.

Both couples sit there and make-out.

As he turns his face to the other side while making out, Jordan quickly opens his eyes to see what the "others" are doing. To his shock, Joey has his hands on Angela's butt. Quickly, Jordan breaks the kiss, pushes the girl off of him, and pulls Joey away from Angela.

Angela- What are you doing?

Jordan looks down, embarrassed of his reaction.

Joey- Seriously dude... what was that?

Joey wipes his mouth.

Jordan- I... umm... well...

Girl- Jordan, we should just go.

Jordan- (To Angela) Well, he was touching you...

Angela- Jordan, he's my boyfriend. He is allowed to touch me.

Jordan- Well, I mean... I never touched you like that.

Girl- Wait a minute... I'm confused.

Everyone ignores her.

Angela- We only went out for like, a millisecond.

Jordan- Still...

Joey- (Somewhat pissed and annoyed) Still what?

Jordan- (Ignoring Joey. Somewhat in whisper) Angela, do you really want him touching you like that?

Angela stares into his puppy-dog eyes. They were full of hurt. Her chin began to quiver, her eyes began to water.

Angela- (Also in a whisper) He's my boyfriend.

Jordan- (Still in a whisper) That's *not* what I asked.

A couple of minutes go past, as they stare at each other. For Joey and the girl, it felt like eternity.

Angela quickly rubs her eyes, and recovers.

Angela- He is my boyfriend. I'm sorry if you don't like it. I'm sorry if you "can't handle it."

Jordan is now pissed off. He takes the girl, right in front of Angela, and kisses her hard and forceful. Angela asks as though she isn't fazed by this, and begins to make-out with Joey again.

Both couples are now making out right next to each other. Joey discreetly begins to move his hands back down to Angela's butt. Jordan sees this, and quickly reacts again- This time he breaks his and the girls kiss, and physically takes Joey's hands, and pulls them up to Angela's waist. Joey is now, even more, pissed.

Joey- (To Jordan) Why don't you get the hell out of here.

Jordan- We can stay if we want.

Angela- And he can put his hands where he wants.

She takes Joey's hands, and puts them back on her butt- only the thin fabric of her flannel skirt between there skin.

Jordan- Whatever then.

Girl- Jordan... let's just go, seriously.

The girl pulls Jordan once again to go. This time he follows.

Jordan- Yeah, I got my keys, let's go out to my car.

Hearing this, Angela breaks her and Joey's kiss.

Angela- Out to your shiny car, huh? How so not-unusual of you.

Jordan- (From the stairs- Dragging each word out) Shut up Angela...

Angela- (Yelling up to him) How many is that now this week?

The door slams.

Joey- Shut up Angela.

Angela, like Jordan had done, looks down in embarrassment of the way she reacted.

Joey- So... there gone now... so... well...

Angela- (Jokingly) Shut up Joey.

She takes the back of his neck, and begins to kiss him. Slowly, he takes his hands and moves them down to her butt. Just as slowly, she takes Joey's hands in hers, and moves them up to her waist.

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