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Chapter 23: Hangover

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The story so far

Chapter 23: Hangover

written by Sulia

added on: 13 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Shane wakes up for a second, glancing at the couch, he sees Angela wrapped in Joey's arms, kissing. He closes his eyes, thinking he's dreaming and goes back to sleep.

The Next Morning -

Angela opens her eyes slowly, feeling sick. She frowns when she realizes she is not her room, and she is lying on top of someone. She tenses, remembering that she and Joey made out the previous night, and his still has his arms wrapped around her.

Shane: (Still half asleep) Need a ride?

Angela: (Slowly gets out of Joey's embrace) Yeah.

Shane: Guess I wasn't dreaming.

Angela: (Touching her forehead) I feel sick.

Shane: (Shrugs) It's just a hang over.

Joey: (Wakes up) You guys taking off.

Shane: Yeah, I gotta drop Angela off.

Joey: Alright, come by later.

Shane: Ok.

Joey: (Smiles at Angela) See you around.

Angela: (Flushes) Yeah.....whatever.

Shane: Let's go. (Heads for the door)

Angela follows him, glancing briefly at Joey before Shane closes the door.

Shane pulls up to Angela's house.

Angela: Thanks for the ride.

Shane: Yeah.

Angela: About Joey....

Shane: It's between you and him.

Angela: I guess it is.

Shane: I'll see you around.

Angela: Later. (Closes the door and watches Shane drive off.)

Angela VO: A hang over is the worst feeling, not to mention the fact that I cheated on Brian with Joey. My obsession with Jordan Catalano has blinded me so much that I didn't realize there are other guys. Joey is just another guy....yet he isn't....

Angela folds her arms, deep in thought.

Fade Out

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