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Chapter 30: You Had You're Chance!!

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The story so far

Chapter 30: You Had You're Chance!!

written by Mileena

added on: 28 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

At The Bleachers -

Jordan stares at the ground, looking sick to his stomach. Without hesitation, he leaves, making sure Rickie or Angela doesn't see him, and goes back into the school building, in search of Joey.

In The Hallway -

Joey is looking through his locker, with Shane leaning against the other lockers, waiting for him.

Shane: So what did you guys do yesterday? I tried looking for you but I'm guessing you and Angela ditched.

Joey: (Grins) Something like that. (He takes out a red rose, holding it carefully.)

Shane: (Raises his eyebrows) You got her a flower...geez man, looks like you're serious about her, more than Catalano was.

Both don't see Jordan approaching them, not knowing he heard the last half of the conversation. He looks like upset, but tries to keep a straight face as he stands before them.

Jordan: Just because I never got her flowers doesn't mean she didn't mean anything to me.

Shane and Joey turn, looking at him with mild surprise, being that they haven't talked to him much lately.

Shane: (Trying to be polite) Hey Catalano.

Joey: (Nods once) Jordan.

Jordan looks from one to the other, then fixes Joey with a glare.

Jordan: (Tightly) How long are you going to keep seeing her? (He looks at the ground.) I mean...until she sleeps with you or something.

Joey: (Frowns) Why's it you're business, you're not dating her anymore.

Jordan: (Looks at Joey, staring him down) I still like her.

Joey: (Rolls his eyes) Look, you had your chance...and you screwed it up.(He slams his locker shut, and looks Jordan in the eye.) You didn't know a good thing when you had it. (With that, he begins to walk away)

Jordan watches him go, speechless.

Shane begins to follow Joey, but turns and looks at Jordan. With a shurg, he goes after Joey. Jordan folds his arms, left standing there as the halls begin to clear.

Fade To Black

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