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Chapter 29: Disbelief!!

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The story so far

Chapter 29: Disbelief!!

written by Mileena

added on: 28 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The Next Day -

Angela is walking to her locker, more or less tired.

Angela(VO): I'm so sore, it like hurts to walk. Not to mention I didn't get much sleep last night. I keep thinking about what I did. (She reachs her locker at opens it, sighing.) I lost my Joey, now I'm just like everyone else, no longer different, no longer innocent. (She bits her lip and leans against the lockers closing her eyes, not noticing Jordan walking by. He stares at her until he reachs the end of the hall, and disapears around the corner.) I feel so...I don't know, not like myself. Was this what I really wanted?

She opens her eyes finally, and gets a novel out of her locker, closes it and goes to the bleachers, not in the mood to go to class, or see Joey just yet.

At The Outside Vending Machines -

Jordan is just getting a soda machine. He opens the can and starts to drink, he see's Angela walk out of the building, appearently going to the bleachers. He's unsure weather to follow her or not. Leaning against a nearby wall, he watches her, unable to look away.

Under the bleachers -

Angela sits down on the ground and takes out a copy of Peter S. Beagle's "The Last Unicorn", and begins to read. Despite what happened, she still had a book report to do for Katimiski's class, a fantasy novel of her chosing.

Back at the Vending Machines -

Jordan is still leaning against the wall, keeping a look out for Angela. His thoughts keep coming back to her, and he still can figure out what to do. He is about to walk away when he see's Rickie going to the bleachers, knowing he's going to see Angela. He pauses, then follows him.

Under The Bleachers -

Angela continues to read, completely lost in the book. She does hear Rickie appoarch.

Rickie: (Smiles) Hey.

Angela looks up with a smile: Hey. (She puts a book marker in her book and reluctanly puts it in her lap.)

Rickie: (Sits down beside her, looking at the book cover.) How goes it? "The Last Unicorn"...I hear that's a good book.

Angela: (Bits her lip, looking away, blushing faintly.) So far so good...I...I have to tell you something...

Rickie: (Curious by her unusual behavior) Go ahead, I listening.

Angela: (Sighes, tucking her hair behind her ears) chuckles sadly)...I did it with Joey.

Rickie: (Shocked) What!!

Angela: (Smiles weakly) Yeah...yesterday, at his apartment...I just...I don't know...(Looks at Rickie with a confused expression) I know Joey is my boyfriend, but I can't help but wonder if I should have given it some more thought before we went through with it.

Rickie: (Stares at her with disbelief) You actually did it. (Raises his eyebrows) I can't believe it.

Angela: (Hugs the book to her chest) Nither can I.

On the other side of the bleachers -

Jordan takes one last drag of his cigarette before he throws it to the ground and puts it out with his foot. He had listened in on the whole converstation. He is also shocked by what he just heard. He folds his arms, clearly upset by it.

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