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Chapter 26: Another Day With Shane and Joey!!

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The story so far

Chapter 26: Another Day With Shane and Joey!!

written by Mileena

added on: 28 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The School Hallway -

Angela is getting some text books out of her locker for homework, Joey is standing next her, while Shane is leaning on a nearby wall, waiting for both of them. The last bell has just rung, and school is over for the day. She closes her locker, and looks at Joey, giving him a small smile. Shane chuckles, watching Joey smile too, knowing he's gonna be playing shoffer again.

Shane: (To Joey) So we going back to you're place again?

Joey takes Angela's hand and interlaces their fingers.

Joey: (Glances a Shane, then looks back at Angela) I thought we'd get some Chinese Take Out, and hang out at the loft. (To Angela) What do you say?

Angela: (Hair tuck) I'd like that.

Shane: Sounds good to me, let's get going then.

They all leave, Joey holding Angela's hand, with Shane walking beside Joey.

At The Loft -

Angela is cuddling with Joey, her head on his shoulder, full from the Chinese food, while Shane continues to eat. Joey has his arm around her, running his hand through her hair. He is about to kiss her when...

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