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Chapter 25: More Real

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The story so far

Chapter 25: More Real

written by Sulia

added on: 23 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

A Week Later...

Angela is walking down the halls to her locker, passing everyone without so much as a glance.

Angela VO: Well me and Joey have offically been a couple for a week now, and it's going great. I didn't know I could have this much fun with someone besides Jordan...I guess things with Joey are real and not a fantasy.

She gets to her locker and does the combination, once it opens a note falls into her hand. She smiles, knowing it's from Joey.

Angela, meet me you know where...see you then.

She chuckles in amusement and leans against the lockers, a bit dreamy eyed.

Angela VO: I have to admit, though I'm not inlove with Joey, I certainly love his kisses, and his smile.

She puts the note in her pocket and closes her locker, heading for the boiler room.

Angela VO: For some reason, kissing Joey is so much fun, I wonder if it can be addicting.

She pauses by the Boiler Room door, making sure the coast is clear before going in. She smiles as she sees Joey sitting on the steps waiting for her.

Angela VO: Maybe I waited for a good reason.

Joey gets up, both his hands extending. Angela interlaces her fingers with his, and he leads her to another part of the room.

Joey: Hey

Angela: Hey

Joey grins before his lips touch hers, and their daily makeout sesion begins.

Angela VO: I really like his kisses, I think I could get used to being his girlfriend.

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