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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 19: things we said... and things we said

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The story so far

Chapter 19: things we said... and things we said

written by anonymous author

added on: 11 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angelas walking down the hall when sehe sees brian at his locker, she walks up to him
angela: hey
brian: hi
angela:so i had a really like good time last nite u knoe studying
brian: (mesomized)... yeah
angela so... i gotta get to class so see yu after
brian: k
angela walks way
angelavo: it was so.... it was like i could say anything to him but i didnt because i felt like i couldnt cuz i had butterflies in my stomach everytime i saw him now witch was like amazing like nothing before.

angela: walks into sharon
angela: hi sorry
sharon: hey angela!! just the person i needed 2 see
angela: yeah i was on my way to bio so..
sharon wait i sighned up for this dance commitee this this dance thing, i like regret cuz i also sighned up 4 this help line thing so i need to get people to sigh up 4 it... the dance i need people to go
angela: yeah
sharon: so u should go with someone
angela: sharon...
sharon: please!!!
angela : fine , fine i have to go ..
sharon: so ull go
angela:yeah whatever
angela walks off to her bio class and sharon goes 2 find brian at his locker
sharon: brian ... brian
brian: hey cheriski
sharon: so its confermed rite u and me are like gonna do this help line i set up
brian: what????
sharon: brin YES U sighned up , its enough u ditched me on christmas, no this time krackow
brian: look i have plans
sharon: look brian i get 2 credits for evey voluenter i bring okay and like...
brian: so wat no one else does it so its like i get brian he has no plans...
sharon: brian... i need u okay please
sharon: ill never ask u again
brian: uhh... fine
sharon: re-al-ly????
brian: yes fine ... but iam not like ever again
sharon: oh brian thanks !!
sharon: but u cnat drop out okay , u have to be there at like 8pm okay
brian : yes okay
sharon: thanks

at angelas house angela its taking the garbage out and sees brian riding his bike, and goes over to him
angela: hey
angela: so wats up
brian: nothing...
angela: so theres this like thing that , sharon like begged me to do
brian: that help line thing??
angela: no...? this dance like this community dance
brian: oh... theres a dance
angela: yeah
brian : when
angela: like on saturday at 8pm
brian: really thats when sharon is doing this help line thing...
angela: rite like thats like sharon 2 set up a dance she wants everyone 2 go to, when she wont even be there
brian: ya
angela: so... u like wouldnt uknow wanna g-o... or whatever
brian: oh... i cant, i mean i would
angela: ofcourse
brian: but i have that help line that sharon wont let me get out of...
aangela: rite i mean yeah... iam not even gonna go
brian:yeah...(dissapointed he let her down)
angela: so i gotta go
brian nodds

angela walks home ...

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You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
  1. that nite:
    Chapter 20: things we said, things we ment to say and things we end up doing, by anonymous author (15 Sep 2005)
    no more subchapters.
  2. the next morning at skool:
    Chapter 20: change.... of heart by anonymous author (13 Sep 2005)
    no more subchapters.

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