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Chapter 10: Forgotten Responsibilities

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Chapter 10: Forgotten Responsibilities

written by Stacy

added on: 14 Apr 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(NOTE - OS denotes off screen)

BRIAN: (VO) Did she really, like, expect me to move with all this pressure on me? It was as if the whole world had stopped turning all of a sudden, and...I found that perhaps, I could maybe move. Maybe...

//starts moving closer to Angela

ANGELA: (VO) The world has really, doing anything. This whole thing is like that dream...I had...about Jordan...except slower and in even more dream - like details. Am I really in Brian Krakow's HOUSE, waiting for him to kiss ME? Is this really how things are, how they should be? Or maybe I'm just sleeping and this IS all a dream...

//Angela pinches herself

ANGELA: (VO) Oh my God, it's real...

BRIAN: (VO) Oh my God, this is real...

//Brian starts kissing Angela softly and delicately, almost as if he's unsure of himself, or the situation perhaps


//After a short period of silence there is a knock on the door, and startled by it Angela and Brian jump apart from one another

MR. KRAKOW: (OS) Brian, what's going on up there? I called you three minutes ago. Are you trying to hide something by this avoidance you are treating me with?

BRIAN:, no why would I do that? Everything is...fine, great, you know.

MR. KRAKOW: (OS) Well, alright. If you need to talk to someone who can really listen, you know I am always the psychiatrist to see.

BRIAN: (laughs nervously) Yeah...

ANGELA: (whispers) Come on, let's go...that was close! As soon as he's gone for sure we can...sneak down the stairs or something...and go to the movie, I guess...if you want that is...

ANGELA: (VO) What am I like, doing? Sneaking around in the Krakow's...trying to get Brian out of there to see a movie, on a school night? I must really be in an alternate dimension or something. (looks over at Brian) And he must think I'm crazy too.

BRIAN: (VO) (looks at Angela as she looks over at him) Wow, she's so...spontaneous. This is better than...OH NO! I have a calculus test...and somehow, with all this...I completely forgot about it...and I could almost care less too...almost. Come on, move your mouth Krakow...

BRIAN: WAIT! Angela... (pulls for her to stop)

ANGELA: What is it? (looks concerned) Is something wrong, did I do something...?

BRIAN: No, no...

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