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Chapter 17: my world , after the end of the real WORLD

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Chapter 17: my world , after the end of the real WORLD

written by anonymous author

added on: 03 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela: are ur like parents here?
brian: uh, like no i mean there out of town or whatever
so whats wrong?? why are u like crying?
angela: everything
angelavo: his shirt shelt amazing , but thats probably his like laundry soap or whatever.
brian: so u wanna come in or somthing
angela nodds they go up to his room and just sit on his bed.
angela: look brian i like need u
brian looks at her like hes waited for this his whole life
brian: yeah
angela: i cant like deal with sharon and jordan and all of them!!
brian: i like know
angelas eyes filled with tears!!!
angela: i wish i could be with u forever in here...
brian eyes filled with tears now 2.
they get closier ans closier the kiss intensly and hold each other , angela just stared in his beautiful blue eyes constanly,
angela: i love ur eyes
brian (laughs a little) what
angela: ur eyes there beautiful
angelavo: i got lost in his eyes forever i could have stayed there all nite
brain: i love ur smile
angela: my smile
They start making out again on brians bed angela falls back on brian they madeout 4 hours,
angela: u make everything okay u make my problem go away u always have..
angela grabbs brian back this time she on top of him,
and they keep kissing
amgela: i should go i like have to
brian : yeah i mean ok
angela : see u tommorow brian
angela is downstairs leaving brians house walking out the front door
angelavo: brian... he was the best kisser in the world, my like world
(angela looks at he watch iyts only 8, she stopps)

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