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Chapter 9: The Hearts of the Matter

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Chapter 9: The Hearts of the Matter

written by Jacqueline

added on: 21 May 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO: Why is it parents have to always be, like, there....always? It must be some kind of beacon you get when you're born that makes them appear when you're in this .....situation.
Brian: (very nervous) I'd best, you know, go now. I'll see you, maybe, later, or tomorrow, or something. (runs off past the Chase's car)
Patty: Well, you and Brian looked very close just there.
Graham: Maybe he just had something in his eye? I get that close to you when there is something in your eye.
Patty: True.....Angela?
Angela VO: My parents being sarcastic to me at a time like this was not what I wanted. What I wanted had just left at great speed back across the street.
Danielle: They were kissing, anyone could see that. She was kissing Brian Krakow. (storms off into the house looking weepy)
Angela: I have to go, and see Brian. (looks at parents) I can't believe you came just then, why did you have to do that? (starts to cry)
Graham goes inside
Patty: Angela, what's going on with you and Brian? What about Jordan?
Angela: (still crying) It all just got so complicated. My life just got so complicated. It was all my fault for not seeing what was there all along.
Patty: What was your fault?
Angela: You know I told you about Brian tutoring Jordan, and then that letter I got that was so beautiful, well, it turns out that, well, Jordan didn't write it. They weren't his words, it wasn't what he wanted to say to me.
Patty: So who did want to say it to you?
Angela: Brian Krakow...(starts to tell story as shot changes to Brian lying on his bed staring at a photo of Angela he has in his wallet)
Brian: I love Angela Chase. She kissed me, that did just happen - didn't it? Yeah, she kissed me, then her parents - oh my god her parents. Her dad will think I started it, he might think I attacked her. He will, I mean why would Angela Chase kiss me?
Mrs Krakow: Brian, Angela's here she's on her way up.
Angela enters room and closes door. Both stare at each other for a few seconds.
Angela: I told my mum the whole story.
Brian: What did you tell her? What whole story? We have no story.
Angela: Don't you think these past few days have been, like, the weirdest days. I do. But they've been great.
Brian: Really, how...what do you mean?
Angela: You and I have known each other, like, forever, and since finding out about the life's been turned upside down.
Brian: Well that's..
Angela: Let me finish. Jordan Catalano has kissed me so many times I've lost count..(Brian turns away towards the window) Brian look at me (he turns back round). None of his kisses made me feel the way it did with you. It felt.....right. Like I belonged with you, and no-one else. My mum just needed to help me realise that's what it all meant.
Brian: I have been in love with you for years. I've built you up into this person who I could only worship from afar. Now you're here telling me that you want to be with me. I just want to wake up....before I get my heart, you know, broken or something.
Angela VO: Seeing Brian standing there, looking so nervous, and frustrated, I just wanted to hug him. But I was scared to...he looked like he wanted to throw me out of his house, I'd messed him around so much.
Angela: I've been in your room for 5 minutes now, are you ever going to kiss me? Or am I going to have to make the first move again?

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