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Chapter 15: love can blind u from the world

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Chapter 15: love can blind u from the world

written by anonymous author

added on: 03 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela gets home at 9 her mom is so mad
patty: angela is that you
angela: umm yeah
patty: i can belive u do u know what time it is 9 angela 9
angela: i know mom i was at...
patty : where angela?
angela: dad didnt u tell her??
graham: i said 8 angela...
patty: angela so where graham...
angela: brians OK studying
patty: you can stud here 4 now on,
graham: patty
patty: rite angela cant u study here
angela: MOM
angela runs up stairs to her room and sits on her bed
patty and graham in there bed room...
patty: i cant belive her, i mean she can study here
graham: she asked if she could go to brians
patty: scince when does she STUDY with brian
graham laughts to himself
patty: what??
grham: i mean i think u know...
patty : no graham i DONT know
graham: well mabey she likes him
patty: i cant take this,
angela in her bed room staring out her window brian is in a tree reading with a flashlight,
angelavo: i could look at him forever... it was sort of obvious that brian was studing, it wasnt fair that he could study and i had to think about him constanly.
angelavo: i could have killed him
i wanted him so bad,
the next morning
patty: angela???
angela: mom i have to go
patty: look honey i sorry i mean know
angela: know what
patty: about you and ...
angela :know about me and who, mom please i like have to go
patty: nevermind
angela leaves the house for school
angelavo: what really like annoys me is when parents like know things in your life that parents just shouldnt know, it like gets to u,
at liberty high school
rayanne: hey angela
angela : hey
rayanne: so how is brian?
angela: what
rayanne: just asking ... jeeze
rayanne: so u like coming to english
angela: yeah ,
in english class
angelavo: i couldnt even think in class i just thought about brian all the time looking over at him, everything else was like erelevent,
mr. katiski: so how did he die, angela do you know
brian looks over at her and she smiles
mr katiski: angela???
angela: yeah... what
sharon gives angela a dirty look, (in a way )
bell rings...
angelavo: i guess its really true when people say saved by the bell in like most situations ,
sharon: hey angela
angela: smiles
sharon: so what ever going to pay attention in a class
angela: cheriski please
sharon: i mean u my aswell not even come if ur like just going to stare, at uknow brian
angela: looks at here and walks off.
jordan runs up to angela
jordan: hey
angela: oh hi
jordan : so i was thinking that we should like u know go somewhere tonight
angela: what
jordan: so u dont wanna or what
angela sees brian at his locker
angela looks back at jordan rite in front of her
jordan: so what yes or no
angela sees brian walking down the hall and wants to go talk to him,
angela: look jordan u kind of crowding me ,
jordan: moves back: sorry
so what yes or no?
angela: no i mean i like have to go
jordan : what... fine like go
angela goes to find brian...
jordan moves back and bumps into sharon
sharon: uhh excuse me
jordan : weird
sharon: what
jordan: angela i mean u know her rite
sharon: hardly anymore
jordan: rite
sharon: yeah
jordan: so whats up with her
sharon: she didnt tell u, omg its like obvious
jordan: what
sharon: that she like into brian now or whatever , shes like memorized by him
jordan: what oh that makes sence or whatever
sharon: so ur like broken up rite?
jordan: yeah were like friends, i mean if shes like moving on so should i,
sharon: yeah
jordan: rite
sharon: so yeah
jordan: so is that where she like is now with...
sharon: probably
jordan: ironic
sharon: completely
jordan: i gotta go
angelas looking for brian and finds him in the music room alone practicing ,
angelavo: watching him was like so amazing
angela goes in to talk to him he doesnt see her
angela: hey
brian sees here and stops
brian: hi
angela: oh keep going
brian: ya i mean i done or whatver
angela : that was amazing (shes looking into his eyes and quickly looks away) amazingly good i mean
brian: smiles
brianvo: she was so beautiful in like every way
angela goes to sit beside him
angela: so like ...
angelavo: i couldnt talk i had butterflies ain my stomach and nothing came out rite...
brianvo: i could have melted in here she was beautiful,
angela and brian kiss over and over , sharon walks by and see them though the door window,
they finish
angela: i like have to go
brian: yeah i mean
angela : see ya i mean u know later
brianvo: she made it sound defenite like it was going to happen that i would defenly see her,
brian: ok

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